Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Glory Of Morning

                                                     They appear in the morning
                                                      In the early mist of dawn
                                                      In all their splendid glory
                                                      Sitting on their throne

                                                      Growing beside the blue bells
                                                      The asters are misty with dew
                                                      Even the black eyed Susan's
                                                      Bow down to them too

                                                      The daisies are so excited
                                                      Snow white with glee
                                                      Such beauty so dominate
                                                      Streaming so elegantly

                                                      Each little passion flower
                                                      Blows kisses in the wind
                                                      Along side the cone flower
                                                      A welcoming transcend

                                                      Even the blue eyed grass
                                                      Grows more proud and tall
                                                      Trying to over shadow
                                                      Each forget me not call

                                                      Those lovely fringed orchids
                                                      Sway their fancy dress
                                                      An orchestra of cattails
                                                      A glorious concert at best

                                                      The cosmos are so happy
                                                      In their own hemisphere
                                                      Among a haven of paradise
                                                      So loudly, they cheer

                                                      Each morning is perfection
                                                      In the bright sunlight
                                                      Even the evening primrose
                                                      Wakes up thinking of night

                                                      Those pretty, little wine cups
                                                      Raise their cup so high
                                                      A toast to such creation
                                                      In the midst of beauty nigh

                                                      Even the reigning queen
                                                      Of Solomon in all his glory
                                                      The lilies of the field
                                                      Stand and bow accordingly

                                                      Climbing, climbing more high
                                                      On a glorious summer stroll
                                                      Those beautiful morning glories
                                                      What a sight to behold

                                                       Susie Swanson, 2013


  1. You've described all these flowers so well! Do you have all these in flower beds? What grand color!

    1. Thank you Charlotte. No but we have them scattered about this time of year. I did plant some Morning Glory Seeds this year and they are so beautiful. I was looking at them in my yard climbing the big maple and I had seen this picture and it came to me to write something about Morning Glories.

  2. The morning glories are so sweet...and resiliant!
    It amazes me that they need no deep roots to survive.

    I used to have so many more, but a squirrel carried off the vines that I had hanging in order to preserve their seed pods...I suppose she needed it for her winter nest!
    Haven't had much luck with them since. I should plant some more soon!
    ~Blessings and love~ Lisa

  3. Thank you Lisa. I love them also and they amaze me too. Blessings and love to you .

  4. Oh this is such a lovely poem, Susie. I love flowers of all sorts, and this paints such a great picture of them all. Morning glories are one of my most favorite. I hope you have a nice weekend!

  5. Awe, thank you so much Daisy. I don't know of a single flower that i don't like.. You have a nice weekend as well.

  6. Hi Susie, what a beautiful poem! I love morning glories, they are one of my most favorite flowers. I love flowering vines of all types. They used to be one of my favorite hobbies. I don't have a flower garden these days, but when I lived in California before I hurt my back, I had trellises all along the fence line of our little backyard and grew morning glories and various colors of boganvilla. (I think I'm spelling that wrong) :)

    One of the things I used to love to do, was plant two different vines very close together and then as they grew, I would intertwine the branches. When it was time for the plants to bloom they would burst out with all different colors on one trellis! It was so pretty and unusual looking. I also once trained a gorgeous blue plumbago bush to grow up the side of the house and around a bay window. I babied that dear plant everyday like a pet :) Sigh, I miss my garden , but I have such wonderful memories. :)

    There is a big storm that is suppose to blow through later today. We had a lot of thunder and lightening yesterday. But on the good side, all the extra rain has filled up our front pond and the water looks fresh and clear. I'm sure the fish and turtles are loving that! The grass and fields are so green and pretty too. Have a lovely afternoon! With Love, Delisa :)

  7. Oh I can just see those vines now Delisa. How beautiful they must have been.. Hope the storm doesn't get to bad and you stay safe. Thank you for taking me along with your beautiful memories.. With love.

  8. Very pretty poem and I enjoyed Delisa's comment too. Have a nice evening.

    1. Thank you Mildred. I enjoyed her comment too..

  9. Susie,
    This is a marvelous poem. I love the imagery, the flowers, the photo.

    You are doing wonderful work.

  10. Beautiful poem and stunning picture! Right now, being at our river place, my mornings are filled with glorious sunrises!

  11. Thank you Lise. Oh I bet you enjoy those beautiful sunsets so much. I'm so blessed to be able to see them every evening too.

  12. What a beautiful poem and photo. I love morning glories. Your words painted a garden I would love to visit.