Sunday, June 9, 2013

Come Sit With Me

                                                    Come sit with me
                                                    Beneath the weeping willow tree
                                                    We'll talk away the hours
                                                    In summer's peaceful tranquility

                                                    We'll watch the beautiful sunset
                                                    Sinking low over the horizon
                                                    Feel the breeze blowing gently
                                                    As the whispering branches liven

                                                    A bright full moon is shining
                                                    Casting shadows oh so bright
                                                    What more could we ask for
                                                    On this perfect summer night

                                                    Come sit with me
                                                    On the treasured, old porch swing
                                                    We'll swing away the hours
                                                    Listening to the crickets sing

                                                    The fire flies are dazzling
                                                    A perfect summer time show
                                                    Smell the honeysuckle blooming
                                                    With sweet fragrance to grow

                                                    We can listen to the whipper wills
                                                     As they make that unique sound
                                                    They never fail to please
                                                    My home is their stomping ground

                                                    Come sit with me
                                                    At the break of a new dawn
                                                    Say hi to the morning glories
                                                    Hear the birds sing each new song

                                                    The roses are cascading
                                                    A round every curve and bend
                                                    Pretty flowers are covered with dew
                                                    The mornings so happily send

                                                    Apple trees are blooming in the lane
                                                    Oh how sweet they can be
                                                    Decked out in pink blossoms
                                                    Waiting for you and me

                                                    All the cows are in the pasture
                                                    Nibbling on the fresh, green grass
                                                    Happy as can be in the sunshine
                                                    Basking in the warmth in high class

                                                    Come sit with me
                                                    On the bank of the little creek
                                                    We'll sip on a tall glass of lemonade
                                                    Then jump in with both feet

                                                    We'll enjoy every moment of the day
                                                    The nights are wonderful too
                                                    Here in my simple, country home
                                                    I promise it will all come true

                                                   There is splendor all around me
                                                   The sky is big overhead
                                                   I live in a heavenly paradise
                                                   Oh what a beautiful spread

                                                   The taste of heaven is sweet
                                                   The air is cleaner here
                                                   If you reach up your hand
                                                   On tip toe heaven is near

                                                   Come sit with me
                                                   In my paradise so green
                                                   This summer time country living
                                                   Is the best I've ever seen

                                                   Susie Swanson,2013


  1. Your sweet words bring back so many fond memories for me. Have a blessed SUnday, Susie.

  2. All my favorite things of summer, wrapped up in a poem!!

    Hugs to you sweet friend xo

    Susan Rix

    1. Well hello there my sweet fb friend. So glad you found me on here and thanks so much for looking me up. Hugs to you..xo

  3. Oh Susie, how I wish I could sit with you! Most of these things I remember, probably when I had time to sit as a little child. I think we must have grown up with similar surroundings.

    It was so sweet of you to check back with me; I am o.k., more or less on vacation for a couple of weeks before we get chickens again.

    1. Thank you Charlotte. I think we did travel the same paths too. It seems that way and I would love to sit with you. Oh the joy we'd have, talking about our lives and how they intertwine.. hugs. xo

  4. Hi Susie, oh how beautiful! I know I always say it with every new poem, but I think this is my new favorite. : It is so soothing and peaceful. How I would love to sit on the porch with you and enjoy a summer afternoon. You could quilt and I would work on my knitting, and Barkley dog would lay at our feet with his stuffed animal lamb in his mouth, smiling lovingly with his big brown eyes as he looked up at us. :) Thank you for your wonderful comments today on both my blogs too. For some reason the one you wrote on Chronically living went to my email address but didn't post on the blog. I think it must be some strange Blogger issue, hopefully it will show up later in the day. I just wanted you to know that I received it. Have a lovely sunday! With Love, Delisa :)

    1. Aww, thank you so much sweet friend and I'm sorry about the Blogger glitch. I hope it shows up soon. I can just see us both now on that old porch swing, swinging away the time and talking to our heart's content.. I so enjoy your posts so much. hugs to you also..xo

  5. Your poem brings back the time when we were kids.

  6. Susie,
    How I enjoyed this poem so much because me and husband are deciding right now whether we want to move to the country or stay where we are at when we make our final move soon. You have made the country living sound peaceful and lovely. Whenever I go visit the country, I am always at peace. Do you live in the country, Susie, or did you just grow up there? I liked the part of the apple trees blooming and the old porch swing. I dream of a home in the country someday, but I worry that it will be too isolated for me. Please shed some light on this, would you, as it seems you know much about the country?

    Have a good week ahead, and I loved your poem.


    1. Thank you Sheri.. I've lived in the country my whole life and to me there's no place else I would want to live. It's more slow pace and so many wonderful pleasures and it is peaceful too. I wish you much happiness in whatever you decide..I'm sending best wishes for whatever you choose to do.. Lots of luck and love. xo

  7. How absolutely, perfectly beautiful, Susie! I remember days like that and I miss them. The simple life IS best, purest and sweetest. I would be happy to sit with you and enjoy it.

    1. Thank you and I would love to sit with you on that old porch swing too.. So happy you can relate. Hugs, xo

  8. Your pretty poem makes me appreciate all the Lord has blessed us with here in our little country home!
    I love this time of year when all the baby animals are frolicking in the fields under the watchful gaze of their mamas...My husband just called me on his lunch break to tell me about a tiny fawn playing in the tall grasses along the side of the country road that he was working on today!
    God is so good...and he is saving his best for last!
    ~Blessings and love~ Lisa

    1. Thank you Lisa. The Lord is surely good to us. Blessings to you.

  9. I wish I were sitting in my swing listening to the creek flow by right now, but your poem's imagery puts me right there in my mind!!

  10. Susie, This is a beautiful poem..made me think of a peaceful time. Hope you are not having nasty weather. Enjoy your summer.oxox,Susie

    1. Thanks Susie. We're having in and out storms but I heard ya'll are having it worse. Sending prayers and good thoughts. Hope you enjoy your summer too..xoxo

  11. This was wonderful, Susie~ and summertime in the country is definitely the best!!! :)

  12. This is lovely, Susie! Sounds so peaceful and pretty.