Wednesday, January 2, 2013


                                                         I sometimes cringe
                                                         When I think about tomorrow
                                                         The unknown is hard to grasp
                                                         Will it bring happiness or sorrow
                                                          A mix of gray skies and rain

                                                         Then I see today
                                                         The joys that surround me
                                                         The love of family and friends
                                                         The comfort of a home
                                                         Food upon my table
                                                         Smiles from happy people
                                                         The blessings of good health
                                                         Little children at play
                                                         God's hand is everywhere
                                                         And just a prayer away

                                                         Tomorrow is another day
                                                         God holds it in his hand
                                                         The unknown is not ours
                                                         Tomorrow is his plan
                                                         Only he can calm the sea
                                                         Of fear and doubt
                                                         Cleanse a soul of all hate
                                                         And help us to rise above
                                                         The shadow of loneliness
                                                         The fear of taking a step
                                                         Towards a blessed life
                                                         Learning to live
                                                         love, hope and give

                                                         Susie Swanson, 2013
A quick update on The New Year's Eve Festivities in our little town, The Possum Drop.. Everything went smooth, no P.E.T.A. stirred up any trouble.. But the mystery will remain and the number one QUESTION.. What was in that Box, Clay Logan?  It had Stars painted on it and a picture of a Possum on the side but for the life of everyone, No one knows the contents except for Mr. Clay.. He said he wasn't gonna break nay laws and he's a man of his word.. So.. I guess we'll wonder and look forward to Next Year's Possum Drop and I'm sure there'll be more controversy... And if anyone gets a hankering for some good, clean fun on New Year's Eve Night, Ya'll come and see us and join in, I promise you'll enjoy and the Possum says it'll be a Delight.. Happy New Year Everyone.. Susie


  1. Happy New Year, Susie. A beautiful and reassuring poem.

  2. Very nice poem, Susie. Knowing God holds tomorrow in his hand is a good feeling.

  3. Sounds great Susie... Now I wonder what is in the box? Love the wording of your poem. What hit out was,"Tomorrow is his plan." Very true.

    1. Thank you Crystal. Everyone seems to think he didn't have anything in it..

  4. Hi Susie! I love your new poem, it is so beautiful. I especially like the part about it all being in God's hands. It is something I have to always remind myself of each day, or else my heart becomes so weighed down by the sorrow I witness in the world. I think we all have storms that blow into our lives from time to time and then we must use the quiet times to their fullest, love one another and strengthen ourselves spiritually, emotionally and physically. Someone once said that each day God gives us little gifts to help shore us up and make us strong. I like to believe that, to think that there is a good surprise waiting for me each day no matter how small. I just have to remember go out and look for it. :) I'm glad your possum drop went off without any interruptions and that you all had a good time. We were so tired New Years Eve, we just went to bed and woke up when all the fireworks started going off. I can't believe it is 2013 already. I remember thinking when I was a little girl that I would be taking vacation trips to the moon and mars by the year 2000! I guess I watched a little too much Star Trek. :) Have a great day ahead my friend and thank you again for your sweet comments, they always make my day! With Love, Delisa :)

    1. Thank you Delisa.. I have to remind my self of that too..Hope you have a great day as well..

  5. So glad to hear the happy ending to that situation! Happy New Year:)

  6. Susie, I LOVE your poem, and it exactly defines my attitude. I do know WHO holds tomorrow, and I know that we can trust Him!

  7. Hi Susie! I hope you are having a nice evening. We went to a movie tonight and then had Japanese food with my niece. It was a beautiful day, it finally stopped raining and the sun came out. It is going to be cold tonight though in the high 20's. Brrrrrrr. :) I love the pictures you posted of your wonderful quilts. They are so beautiful and cozy! I especially like the zig zag one. Both of my grandmother's used to quilt. My cousin has a very special butterfly quilt that my Cherokee grandmother made back during the depression from scraps of clothing. The tiny little stitches just amaze me. I don't know how she was able to make those stitches by hand. My other grandma was the crocheter. I used to sit at her feet when I was a little child and watch as she made doilies. Have a lovely evening and rest well tonight! Delisa :)

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the beautiful weather we had.. thank you so much for the sweet words on my quilts.. I have been trying to work on one but I had another Flare Up and haven't felt good.. I know now who you get your talent from, your grandma. Hope you have a nice evening as well.

  8. Susie, thank you for the assurance this poem gives us. You're a terrific lady!

  9. Hi Susie,
    I cringe when I think about what might happen tomorrow also...I think that is why Jesus warned us about not worrying about tomorrow, as there is enough trouble in each day.
    I think it helps to just have a heart of gratitude for each sweet blessing, like you pointed out.
    ~God Bless~ Lisa

    1. Exactly..It is in his hands whatever may be. Thank you Lisa.

  10. Susie, It can be kind of scary to think to hard on tomorrow. I try my best to glean some happiness everyday. I try to count my blessings, because I can remember when they were few. Take care. xoxo,Susie

    1. That's the way I feel Susie..We need to enjoy each day , tomorrow is God's day..thank you