Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Guitar

                                                    I walk through the house
                                                    I hear it oh so clear
                                                    A young boy and his guitar
                                                    Making their presence near
                                                   "The Wildwood Flower"
                                                   Became his very first
                                                   His fingers strummed it so
                                                   I remember every verse

                                                   Then came "The Dance"
                                                   He put Garth Brooks to shame
                                                   Oh how he did play
                                                   And how far he came

                                                   A young man he grew
                                                   His passion was still there
                                                   What a beautiful friendship
                                                   He and the guitar did share

                                                   Bruce Springsteen was his idol
                                                   Every song he knew
                                                   His fingers on that guitar
                                                   Made them sound brand new

                                                   A little bit of Steve Earle
                                                   A whole lot of "Guitar Town"
                                                   He never missed a chord
                                                   Hardly ever laid it down

                                                   Then came Van Halen's "Jump"
                                                   He picked "Against The Wind"
                                                   Everyday it was different
                                                   A new one he'd begin

                                                   Oh how I loved the gospel
                                                   Thrown in along the way 
                                                   "Why Me Lord"
                                                    I could listen to all day

                                                   My all time favorite
                                                   Can never be replaced
                                                   It brought tears to my eyes
                                                   To Hear "Amazing Grace"

                                                   Today I listen quietly
                                                   The echoes linger on
                                                   The guitar is still waiting
                                                   My son continue on

                                                   Susie Swanson, 2013

I dedicate this to my son.. He started picking when he was around ten years old. The above guitar was the first one he had.. He got it as a gift for Christmas one year and his Dad taught him the chords and he was on his own.. He picked everyday after school and on weekends.. He'd listen to the songs on a little cassette player and start picking. He didn't pay any attention but all the while we listened.. Then when he had one down pat he'd play it for us.. As the years passed by and he grew into a young man he bought a brand new , guitar and kept on picking.. Today he doesn't play much anymore, between his family and job it keeps him mighty busy but the guitar is waiting and so are we.. Love you Chris...


  1. Hi Susie,
    I love your poem. Our youngest daughter used to play too, she chose an electric guitar. She once made a whole auditorium of people at her highschool cry when she sang a song from one of her favorite's a young woman named Amy Lee from (evanescence) She sang it acapella though. It's funny, I woke up this morning thinking about when was the last time I heard her sing and play. (She too is now married and busy working now). My, how the years fly by!

  2. That is awesome..I bet you do miss her playing too.. Time does fly it seems.Thank you so much.

  3. That was beautiful. I hope he plays again.

  4. You are one amazing lady & poet, Susie. So enjoy each one. Your son should have this framed ... what an honor to have your memories of him & his guitar so beautifully shared

    TTFN ~

    1. Thank you Marydon.. I appreciate the memories so much and the time we had when he was growing up.

  5. I love guitar playing and my son plays, too. He and one of our daughters and his daughter all play. Talented kids. It is great to hear them!

  6. Susie, what a wonderful poem and such loving memories. He should definitely play again!

  7. I hope he can return to it girls don't play their instruments much any more...youngest daughter plays the cello, the oldest the viola, the violin, and the guitar. A beautiful poem for your son.

    1. Thank you Susie.. I hope your girls start back playing.. IT seems they get away from it the older they get.

  8. This is a very sweet poem, Susie. Music brings a lot of happiness into our lives, I think.

  9. Very touching poem, Susie. I wish I could play something! I wanted to take piano lessons SO badly when I was in grade school; when I was in the ninth grade I took lessons for one year, then played the piano for church until I married. I still have my old piano, badly out of tune, but I rarely sit down to play on it.

    1. Thank you.. I've always wanted to learn how to play the piano too.. Thought about it for a while..

  10. A sweet poem to honor your son's talent:) Maybe he'll pick a little again as a result:)

  11. A very moving tribute to your son and his talent. You'll have to record him playing some time so that you can listen when it is quiet.
    I'm taking time away from my blog to sit with a precious friend. I'll still be checking in with you.

  12. Susie,
    This is a heart-warming poem about your son and his playing the guitar. What wonderful memories that bring so many childhood memories to my mind when my brother also played a guitar. This is one of your best poems. I like it very much. I hope someday your son will be able to play the guitar again. I know he's a fantastic musician.

  13. Maybe he'll surprise you some day and pick it up again. Our son was given a guitar a few Christmas's ago by his grandpa. He picks on it a lot, I've tried, but my fingers aren't quite long enough.

    1. Thank you Janet.. I bet he is really good at it already.. I never could play either.

  14. Hi Susie, this poem was so wonderful, what a loving tribute to your son! It reminded me so much of my older brother. He always had a guitar in his hands too. It was so nice to hear the music always in the background when I was growing up. I especially loved it when he would sit on the porch and play on a summer evening. I hope you have a wonderful day ahead my friend! With Love, Delisa :)

  15. Susie, This poem made me think of my grandson Brock. He loves his guitar. Plays when ever I have been to his house. Brought to aunt Angie's on Christmas and played. I love seeing young people play music. Hope you are well and warm. xoxo,Susie

    1. Thank you Susie.. I do too and I miss it so bad.. I bet your grandson is really good.