Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thank You

                                                          They walk among us
                                                           in plain view
                                                           lay in vast graves
                                                           covered by the dew

                                                           The ultimate sacrifice
                                                           willing to give all
                                                           the stones a symbol
                                                           of the battlefield call

                                                           They walked into battle
                                                           with head held high
                                                           they fought for freedom
                                                           some had to die

                                                           They walk in heaven
                                                           the battle is won
                                                           mission accomplished
                                                           their job is done

                                                           Families are waiting
                                                           for love ones to come
                                                           walk through the door
                                                           then there are some

                                                           Respect and gratitude
                                                           let it so be
                                                           the price for freedom
                                                           they hold the key

                                                           One day of honor
                                                           once every year
                                                           the day of honor
                                                           is already here

                                                           They walk among us
                                                            a chosen few
                                                            let us be grateful
                                                            with a Thank You

                                                            Susie Swanson, 2012


  1. A beautiful tribute to our military. We can't thank them enough for their sacrifice.

  2. That's good Susie. Each and every one of them - the living and dead - deserve honor and our thanks.

  3. A lovely tribute, Susie. Blessings to you this weekend.

  4. A very beautiful tribute to our veterans. God Bless them!!

  5. We can only be the land of the free with the brave who choose to protect us! Thank you for this lovely tribute:)

  6. A nice tribute to our military, Susie.

  7. Susie, very beautiful tribute! I linked this page on Awakenings. In addition, you have been nominated for the Super Swe-e-e-T award. Grab the badge and the 'rules' @ I am in the process of posting the nominees so if the award does not appear first on the homepage, wait a few minutes and try again:>)

    1. Awe, thank you so much Sharla. I'm honored to accept the award.

  8. Beautiful Susie.Thank you is for every day. Some died and lay in a grave. Others spend a life time in the prison of their minds...and thats the same as the Term of their Natural Life..A Prison Sentence.
    Their sacrifice is one we cannot imagine. Much love to you my friend. xx

  9. Such a beautiful tribute for our veterans, Susie!