Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Christmas Cactus

                                                      My little Christmas cactus
                                                      means so much to me
                                                      sitting in the window
                                                      as pretty as can be

                                                      Those bright pink blossoms
                                                      are more beautiful than before
                                                      handed down from my mother
                                                      it's a treasure even more

                                                      Christmas is its favorite time
                                                      to bloom every year
                                                      it was also my mother's
                                                      she was so full of cheer

                                                       My mother and her cactus
                                                       they sure were a pair
                                                       Every time I gaze upon it
                                                       I can still see her there

                                                       Susie Swanson, 2012

The picture above is not my cactus but one similar.. Mine has not bloomed out enough to get a really good picture of it yet. And it is more pink than the one above. My mother had it for many years and I have the cuttings from the original one.. My sister and I have started several over the years.. The original was so round and beautiful. My mother surely had a green thumb.We always made a joke about how we'd get mom to plant our flowers and they'd grow for sure..I do think of her more this time of year and the cactus plays a big part but oh how she loved Christmas time..It was her favorite and she really did go all out.. Even after we were all grown she kept up the traditions of decorating, baking, cooking , etc.. I guess anyone that's lost love ones miss them more at the holidays.. But life does go on and we hold on to our memories and they keep us going.. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. We got to spend our holiday with our son and new wife.. We really had a wonderful holiday. Now, it's time to get ready for Christmas..Wheww.. Susie


  1. A lovely poem and sweet memories of your Mom. My mom loved Christmas too. We never had much success with Christmas cactus, but mom was good growing African violets. So happy you were able to share the holiday with your son and dil. Take care.

    1. Thank you.. I could never have any luck with African Violets but my mom did.

  2. This really struck a nerve with me, Susie... my mother had the most beautiful Christmas cactus and it lived for many years. After she passed away, the most amazing thing happened... it never bloomed again and eventually it died.
    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful memory and poem with us.... hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. Awww, that's strange for sure and sad.Thank you Paula.

  3. I've enjoyed seeing Wanda's Christmas cacti over at Exuberant Color. Hers are gorgeous. My grandmother had a real pretty one on her front porch that bloomed every year. Mine are not doing nearly that well. Glad yours is still going strong! Those memories are precious.

    1. Thank you so much. I'll check hers out.. Hope yours does better as time goes along.

  4. Susie,
    I know exactly what you mean, dear. I miss my mom so much especially during this time of year. Your Christmas cactus is lovely and the pink flowers on it are so bright. That is wonderful that she had such a green thumb - I wish I did. I liked your poem today, Susie. Your mom must be smiling at you.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  5. Susie, I also know exactly what you mean. It is lovely that you still have a plant that she initiated! The poem is a lovely tribute to her green thumb:)

  6. This is gorgeous! I haven't had a Christmas cactus in a long, long time. Your poems are so sweet!

  7. I'm glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving, Susie. I like your poem. My grandma had a pretty pink Christmas cactus like that that bloomed every year. It was gorgeous!

  8. Susie,
    This is a beautiful poem and wonderful memory of your mother. I love Christmas cactus. This flower sure is pretty.