Monday, November 26, 2012

Nary A Rose

                                                     He hopped aboard a train
                                                     With no destination in mind
                                                     Only the clothes on his back
                                                     An old soldier left behind

                                                     Stored away in a boxcar
                                                     No one knows he is there
                                                     His stomach is mighty empty
                                                     His clothes are thread bare

                                                     He lives in a distant land
                                                     Far across the sea
                                                     Where mortars and shells
                                                     Are his only company

                                                    And the sons of mothers
                                                    Were his brothers more
                                                    He saw their bloodshed
                                                    All in the name of war

                                                    He prays to die each day
                                                    Has often questioned why
                                                    He was spared and left behind
                                                    To save them he did try

                                                    The images of their face
                                                     It seems, is here to stay
                                                    There's no room for living
                                                    He just tries to steal away

                                                    An old boxcar is his home
                                                    On every train he goes
                                                    He only finds the thorns
                                                    There's nary a single rose

                                                     Susie Swanson, 2012

I just want to let all of you know that I may be gone for a little while. I may be having some Dental Work done this week and needless to say I probably won't feel up to Blogging.. Hope everyone has a nice week. Blessings, Susie


  1. A beautiful poem Susie. So sad how the war stays with soldiers. Good luck with your surgery..hope you heal quick.

  2. So heart moving & true Susie. Love this piece...
    TTFN ~

  3. Susie, That poem is so deep. I hope you do okay. I have a fear of the dentist and he's a great's me , I am a big chicken. But so far , I am not a toothless chicken.:):)Smiles, Susie

    1. Thank you Susie, didn't know it would turn out this way.. I'm scared to death of the dentist too. But I'll grin and bare it.

  4. I look forward to that day when there'll be no more wars, tears, or heartache. It's so sad to see young men come home with so much trauma to body and mind.

    1. I know what you mean and I totally agree.. It couldn't come soon enough. Thank you.

  5. Hey Susie,
    Fan of you,as you know, I'm so happy to be able to be some where I can comment !!!
    I really think you should put this one in your book, it is timeless !
    Love to you , hope you are back to great after your dental stuff... I don't like to go to the Dentist either, makes me cringe just to think of it ..LOL

    Beautiful work as always...

  6. Awww, it's so good to see you on here, Jl.. I hope you're back for good.. I've missed you so much.. You are my true inspiration. Thank you so much my friend.

  7. Very nice poem, Susie. Nothing good comes from war. So much sadness. I hope things go well for you at the dentist and you feel better quickly.

    1. Thank you Daisy. I agree with you and seems we are hearing of more everyday..

  8. Just a beautiful, heartbreaking poem, Susie...
    I'll be praying for you that all your Dental work goes smoothly and you are feeling better in no time!! ((HUGS))

    1. Thank you so much Paula.I'll need them for sure..

  9. Beautiful poem!

    As for the dental work, I feel your pain. I am having a minor procedure tomorrow, and am not looking forward to it! I actually have to be medicated to make sure I am not so overly anxious that I cause the dentist to have a breakdown, lol! Funny thing is, I don't need to be medicated for any other "regular" anxieties, but I sure do need it for the dentist!

    Wishing you well with your dental work, anti-anxiety medications work wonders you know!

    1. Thank you Lise. I feel your pain to and will be sending prayers .

  10. Susie,
    This is a very touching poem. It brought tears to my eyes.

    I sure hope and pray everything goes well with your dental work. I know you dread it. I'll be thinging of you.

  11. What a touching poem, Susie. It makes me sad that our brightest and bravest so often went unappreciated to fight for us. Hope your dental work went well.