Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Corn Shucking Racoons

                                                   The pillar of the community
                                                   is the racoons around here
                                                   they seem to have taken over
                                                   in the cornfield it does appear

                                                   Poor little corn patch
                                                   it was an awful sight to see
                                                   my brother pulled a fast one
                                                   on the critters it seem to be

                                                   He hung a transistor radio
                                                   in the middle of the corn
                                                   hoping to scare them away
                                                   and regret the day they were born

                                                   It's just a wait and see game
                                                   with racoons it's hard to tell
                                                   they may bring the whole country in
                                                   and there'll never be a smell

                                                   They'll probably throw a party
                                                   and dance through out the night
                                                   and carry off every ear
                                                   before morning's early light

                                                   So far it seems to be working
                                                   they haven't stole another ear
                                                   I sure hope that transistor radio
                                                   is good for another year

                                                     Susie Swanson, 2012

My brother actually did this a couple of years ago and it really worked.. Just a little transistor radio from The Dollar Store.. I laughed so hard at him I though I was gonna bust a gut.. You have to know him, he finds fun in everything that comes along..The corn patch was located not to far from my house and across the little creek that runs at the back of the house.. Every evening I'd see him crossing the creek just before dark. I knew he was going to turn his radio on. He went back every morning and turned it off so he wouldn't have to buy so many batteries..He kept a plastic bag over it to keep it dry. I ask him one paticular day if it was working and he said it was  to a certain extent.. Then he told me the night before he couldn't get it to pick up anything and he tried and tried until he finally found some gospel music, he figured when they heard that they'd lay down the corn and confess their sins and move on down the road... I know alot of folks have heard of doing this and lots more stuff to keep the critters away.. But I have the most fun out of my brother that's ever been.. The things he can come up with to say in a minute it would take me a year to think up.. He's a pistol, as the old sayin goes.. Anyways, Thought you all would enjoy.. Hope you have a nice Wednesday...Susie


  1. That's just too funny! I so enjoyed that little story and poem this morning.

  2. Susie, That makes me think of my son-in-law...he trys all those crazy things for being outside. One of his pet peeves is black flies..he put this gluey stuff on a hat gross it's covered with flies. I would want a remote radio:):) Smiles, Susie

    1. lol...I've never heard of that before..He sounds just like my brother..Smiles back.

  3. Funny story, Susie. I'd think the raccoons would get used to hearing the radio and just not be afraid of it anymore. Your brother sounds like he is fun to be around.

    1. You'd think so Daisy but they kept coming back..I told him they were having a party and he was providing the

  4. You reminded me of Jerry Clower stories. That is so funny!

    1. Thank you, it does sound like something he'd tell..

  5. A radio, huh???? That's neat... We have raccoons which come on our deck at nights and try to get any bird food which I haven't swept off... I need to put a radio out there at nights to keep them off!!!!! ha

    Cute poem...

  6. I enjoyed this very much!

  7. Had to laugh at this one, Susie! I think I'm feeding the raccoons more than the kittens. We have a lot of them and some are so smart! They climb the ladders on our feed bins, raise the lids, and go inside to eat. If the feed is too low, they can't get out and alas! they perish! It gets nasty from then on.

    1. Oh I bet you are.. I sure wouldn't want to clean up that mess..

  8. Susie, you provided me (with a little help from your brother) a much-needed laugh today! If I thought I could get the coons around here to get religion, I'd start preachin'... *haha*
    We've had them shuck our corn too... it's so frustrating you're willing to try just about anything!

  9. Hi Susie! This was so cute! I'm still laughing and love the picture. I love your brother's line about the gospel music. One time years ago when I lived in California, Tony and I were giving an evening tea party in our back yard for some of the elderly ladies in our congregation. Tony was all dressed up with a black bow tie and a black apron like a waiter and was helping me serve. We had tables set up in the back yard with table cloths and candles. We hung pretty little white lights in the bushes and trees, and had soft music playing, it was just like a movie. Then all of a sudden this giant white faced, beady-eyed possum walked across the back fence and reared up on his hind legs. All the ladies started screaming and squealing! The possum liked to come out at night and pick lemons off of our little tree, he would eat the whole inside out of them and leave the hollow rind for us to find in the morning! Well, I didn't know what to do, so I told everyone to sit back down and said "Don't worry about him, he's my friend, his name is Rascal the Possum!" I don't even remember what exactly I said but I made up a cute little story right there on the spot. Talk about thinking fast on my feet! :) Pretty soon everything calmed down, the ladies went back to their tea, and Rascal got his lemon. Have a lovely evening ahead my friend! With Love, Delisa :)