Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Home Away From Home

                                           Children's voices can be heard
                                           through the winds of time
                                           the rhythmic sounds of echoes
                                           down hallways left behind

                                           The busy sound of classrooms
                                           from morning to evening bell
                                           a place where many childhoods
                                           took wings in flight to sail

                                          A home away from home
                                          a wealth of knowledge each day
                                          instilled into young minds
                                          to carry along life's way

                                          Just a weathered old building
                                          to so many young now old
                                          it spent a lifetime of giving
                                          worth more than any gold

                                          The voices that still linger
                                          will forever hold the key
                                          to unlock all of yesterday's
                                          happy school day memories

                                          Susie Swanson, 2012

The picture above is the old High School Building in my hometown. It was later vacated for the new building that was built across town. I never had the good fortune to attend it.. They had already moved into a new building by the time I entered high school..The old School House where I went, first grade through eighth grade burned to the ground in the summer of 93... My mother, myself and my son all went there.. My heart lays heavy to see old buildings torn down today, so many memories and history left behind. Oh well, all in the name of progress..Hope everyone is enjoying the Hot, Humid, Hazy, Long,  ( did I forget one ) Dog Days of summer...Blessings, Susie


  1. As I've said elsewhere, change isn't necessarily progress (all political interpretations aside).

  2. No not always, but either way I don't like it..thanks Gorges.

  3. Change is not always for the better, but it happens and we can't do anything thing about it.
    Excellent poem to get your view across.


  4. All of the school buildings I attended are gone; such a shame. The high school Home Ec. building and the bus garage are still standing with windows broken, etc.

    I'm past enjoying the dry days of this summer and looking forward to a change.

    1. Oh me too, I was just checking to see if everyone else agrees with me.. The summer has been unbearable at times..thanks

  5. Awww... that is such a sweet poem, Susie!
    I remember my little elementary school so well... the original building is still there but it has been added onto so many times you can't even see it anymore... kinda sad.

    1. Yes it is sad Paula.. but we still have our memories and that's worth so muc more..

  6. In the small town where I grew up grades from one to twelve all went to school in one location. One to six were in one building and seven to twelve were in another with a gymnasium/cafeteria/offices in a third building in between. They're gone now with a shiny new complex built in another location. Sad. Great poem, Susie!

    1. Thank you, yes it is so sad to see places like that replaced..

  7. We spend a lot of our time in schools as kids. They do hold lots of memories for all of us, I think. Very nice poem, Susie. I hope you are having a nice weekend! :-)

    1. Thank you Daisy, yes we do and those memories are so grand..

  8. What memories. I love old school buildings! My old grade school was turned into a schoolbus garage. Before they did that, they invited everyone who had ever attended there to come for a farewell. We got to put our hand prints on the cafeteria wall. I went in my old first grade room - the chairs were so small.