Sunday, August 5, 2012

There's Nothing Worth Losing

                                                  There's a road I call remembrance
                                                  I travel down each day
                                                  my yearning heart overflows
                                                  with memories of yesterday

                                                  Many years I have lived
                                                  many things I have seen
                                                  the future rushes towards me
                                                  on the past I still lean

                                                  Perhaps I shall find it
                                                  lying in the distant blue
                                                  some thing that I have missed
                                                  it's never far from view

                                                  I might hear it in the wind
                                                  the direction from which it came
                                                  or through the falling snow
                                                  it whispers softly my name

                                                  I can see it in my mind
                                                  the picture is so clear
                                                  fresh and new in  the fields of time
                                                  waiting for many a year

                                                  There's nothing ever worth losing
                                                  everything has its own place
                                                  having served its purpose well
                                                  with pride, dignity and grace

                                                  Time can't destroy the beauty
                                                  for as long as memory lives
                                                  years can't erase the pleasure
                                                  to a grateful heart it gives

                                                 I'll leave it all behind me
                                                 old yet fresh as the dawn
                                                 cheerful and warm for many a soul
                                                 long after I'm gone

                                                 Susie Swanson,2012

   Just want to give you all an update on the accident that happened the 3rd of Aug..Those men are hanging in there..The families of the decesed are really having a rough time, to be expected.. It was a life changing event for many souls.. My brother is not talking now, just walking around like a zombie.. He and the other three are to meet with counselors tomorrow (and we are so glad). The D.O.T. has to do their thing also.. They have already sent a Reconstructive Team from Raleigh.. The usual prodigal.. They were in the right on their behalf.. One of the guys will be laid to rest Tuesday and I haven't heard about the other yet.. My brother was asked to be a Casketberer for one but he had to turn it down.. That's hurting him too, having to turn the family down..Thank you all for your Prayers, they are much appreciated.. God is the only one to help them get through this.. They'll never forget but maybe time will heal.. God Bless..Susie


  1. Excellent poem. I'll continue praying for your brother and everyone touched by the accident.

  2. So hard to fathom :(

    Was the driver impaired?

    1. Yes it is Ben, No he was not impared, he said he fell asleep...

  3. Prayers continue. Such a tragedy.

  4. I am so sorry for the loss your family is experiencing. Your poem is beautiful, and indeed it is true, treasure family and friends, near and dear to your heart and soul, for we never know what tomorrow will bring.

    My thoughts are with you during this difficult time...I know your brother appreciates your love and support right now, maybe more than even he knows.


  5. A beautiful poem. My heart goes out to your brother, the survivors and the families who have experienced such horrible loss. I will continue to pray for them.

  6. Susie, I love your meaningful poem, it says so much. So sorry about the wrongful death of those two men. We never know when our turn will be. These two went to work like any other day...and were blotted out. Very sad for the families. I cannot imagine the pain, but if it were one of mine, it would be heart wrenching.. I pray the Lord gives peace to all. No words can convey what should be said.. xxxx

    1. Thank you Crystal, that's for sure..We can be here one second and gone the next..You're right..there are no words..

  7. Your poem is lovely, Susie. Hope and prayers for peace for all involved in this tragedy.

  8. Susie, this is such a beautiful poem, but I did not know about what had happened until I read your last post...
    Oh, it broke my heart. How quickly our lives can change...
    I'm sure when those men woke up that morning they never thought for a minute that they wouldn't make it home that night...
    And I know your brother must be devastated. I will definitely be praying for him and the families of the men that were killed.

  9. Thank you so much Paula, yes things can happen to change lives forever..Thank you for your prayers..

  10. Susie, thank you so much for visiting and following Awakenings! Had you not stopped by for a visit I would not have connected with you. I am now your 100th follower:>) You will see me among your followers as Kitten (That's my 'pen' name.)

    Your poetry is filled with emotion and carries such a powerful message. I do not know of the tragedy of which you write but you and you family are lifted up in prayer.

  11. Susie, I will be praying for your brother and his friends. What a tragic thing to happen. xo, Susie

  12. Hi Susie! I hope that you had a restful day. You and your dear family have been in my thoughts and prayers today. I hope your brother is feeling better. I know that the shock of this tragedy will be with him for a long while. I truly believe though that each day our heavenly Father will give something to comfort his heart and help him him endure. I so admire you Susie and the loving support and loyalty that you show your family during these difficult times. Sometimes it is hard to know what to do or say, but I know that your tender heart is a great comfort to everyone. I really love this poem, especially the line about everything having it's purpose serving with pride, dignity and grace. It brings tears to my eyes. How comforting it would be if we all could look at life in such a way. I hope that you find some moments of joy today my friend and please tell your brother that we are thinking of him. With Love, Delisa :)