Friday, June 15, 2012

Today He's Wearing Two

                                                   Two old shoes sit in the corner
                                                   one worn the other brand new
                                                   tells the story of an old fellow
                                                   one of the finest I ever knew

                                                   Two legs are better than one
                                                   with one leg he made do
                                                   he really learned how to get by
                                                   needing only the one shoe

                                                   He was an inspiration to all
                                                   as he hobbled on through
                                                   despite the pain and anguish
                                                   gray skies were always blue

                                                   For him, nothing ever came easy
                                                   his struggles were more than a few
                                                   he was a very special uncle
                                                   with a different kind of view

                                                   Having fun was his trademark
                                                   plenty of joking came easy too
                                                   especially come Christmas Time
                                                   the presents he already knew

                                                  Driving a car was his dream
                                                  just like he used to do
                                                  if it wasn't for one shoe
                                                  his dream would've come true

                                                 He tried to teach me to drive
                                                 in a big, open field we flew
                                                 one cow in the whole field
                                                 I almost ran over it too

                                                So many treasured yesterdays
                                                in his mind on them he drew
                                                the strength and determination
                                                to face what he entered into

                                                He never did have riches
                                                of worldly things that grew
                                                his heart contained the wealth
                                                a giant measure of his virtue

                                               He gave flowers to the living
                                               fresh as the morning dew
                                               no time was like the present
                                               from his flower garden hue
                                               Then one day he gladly bid
                                                a fond farewell and ado
                                                instead of wearing one shoe
                                                today he's wearing two

                                               Susie Swanson, 2012

In Loving Memory Of  My One Legged  Uncle, Otis Tanner...1914--1975..


  1. Very nice poem, Susie. Sounds like your uncle was a very special man. I hope you have a nice weekend.

    1. Oh he was very special, Thank you so much Daisy...Hope you have a nice weekend as well..

  2. Nice poem, good ending. Bless you for thinking of him; so many people don't care to remember such things.

  3. So sweet. He sounds like he was a special uncle.

  4. Sounds like your uncle made the best of his life... But--you are so right. NOW that he is with God, I'm sure he IS wearing both shoes!!!! Yeah!

    Have a great weekend.

    1. He really did Betsy, but he was an inspiration to us all..Yes he's now wearing both shoes, Praise God..Hope you have a nice weekend as well..

  5. Such a lovely memory shared about your uncle..what a wonderful man! Yes in Heaven he will have both feet.. and you have his shoes. xxx

    1. Thank you Crystal.. yes I do and the memories are so precious to me and all of us..

  6. This is so touching, Susie. What great love he had for you all. Thank God for the promise we have of a heavenly body.

  7. Very touching Susie, brought tears to my eyes.

    It's great to visit another blog and hear music.

  8. You are always surprising me Susie and touching my hear too : )

  9. That was inspirational and beautiful! Glad I followed :)