Friday, June 8, 2012

Graduation Day

                                                             Graduation Day-------
                                                             An accomplishment of dreams
                                                             that opens the door
                                                             to so many things

                                                             The power of wisdom
                                                             feeds the young mind
                                                             gives life a new meaning
                                                             and like a star does shine

                                                             With a heart full of pride
                                                              and so many years
                                                              so much growing inside
                                                              to the eyes it brings tears

                                                             A time for reflection
                                                             to many days of old
                                                             a time to march forward
                                                             and reach for the goal

                                                            A time to be brave
                                                            and reach for the sky
                                                            no matter how hard
                                                            the mission is to try

                                                            The best treasure of all
                                                            this world does gain
                                                            is from graduation day
                                                            and a young mind's domain

                                                            The power of knowledge
                                                            can be a close friend
                                                            when the world opens up
                                                            and young feet walk in

                                                            Susie Swanson,2012

 Some graduations have come and gone and some is yet to be, here's to all the graduates and all their family.
I wish you all the sucess and happiness the world has to offer and then some..Blessings, Susie


  1. Such a nice poem and sweet of you to write it.
    Hope honey that your well and that you have the best of weekends.
    Take care
    Thanks sweetie for all the kind words you left on my site. They mean the world to me.

    1. Thank you Maggie and you too..Thanks for becoming a Network Follower..

  2. I couldn't agree more. All so true.

    Graduation day is a threshold placed so we can strive for it and cross it, and it remains a threshold ever since, to remind one of its place in our lives.

  3. Very nice poem, Susie. Graduation is such a milestone and life-changing event for many.