Friday, March 9, 2012

I Am Free

                                                      Look for me in the sunshine
                                                      when the day is brand new
                                                      feel my warm embrace
                                                      I'll be there just for you

                                                      When the days become lonely
                                                      don't lengthen them with tears
                                                      remember the good times
                                                      and all my growing years

                                                      You taught me how to live
                                                       I've left it in plain view
                                                       remember my first day of school
                                                       and how I tied my shoe

                                                      Look through the meadows
                                                      where I used to run
                                                      my favorite fishing hole
                                                      there I had so much fun

                                                      If my parting has left a void
                                                      fill it with joy and cheer
                                                      I'll always be near you
                                                      in memories you hold dear

                                                      Lift up your heart to heaven
                                                      rejoice and share with me
                                                      God needed me even more
                                                      and now I am free

                                                      Susie Swanson,2012

Very recently one of my friends lost her 24 year old son (her one and only child) and she ask me for a poem to be read at his Memorial Service. I started looking through my poems and nothing jumped out at me, I though oh no what will I do..I can't deny this sweet, grieving mother of  a simple request such as this..I'd never met her son so I thought that maybe I could write something from a mother's point of view as I have a son. I started writing and nothing seem to work..No words came that I could go with.. knowing I only had a few days to do it in and fearing I would disappoint her, needless to say I was at a loss..
I started praying really hard for God to lead me in the right direction if it be his will, and then I started writing..... This is what I came up with .... To my good friend Monica with love..May God Bless and keep you with his comforting peace as only he can....Susie


  1. I'm sure your friend was touched. This is beautiful. May God comfort this mother as only He can.

    1. Oh I pray the same prayer and he has brought her this far..she is having a very rough time..Thank you Glenda..

  2. This is so beautiful, Susie. What a kind act for you to write this for her. I'm sure this will mean a great deal to her.

  3. I think the Lord answered your prayer, Susie. God bless you.

  4. Very moving ~ so very nice that you were able to do this for her.

  5. God surely answered your prayer. What a beautiful poem. God bless you.

  6. This is beautiful...your prayer was answered. A beautiful poem for your friend.

  7. Susie, It is a truly beautiful God sent poem and I am sure your friend appreciated it...God meant it especially for her. It would have touched her heart, and brought back many memories of her little son.Then all grown up, how time flies.. so very hard for her. And you my friend, God loves you and uses your talent a hundred fold. xxxx

  8. Bless you for helping this mother deal with her grief. There is nothing harder to bear than losing a child.

    1. I can't even imagine the pain and hurt and pray I never do..thank you.

  9. This was a wonderful poem to read at the memorial service.
    I had tears in my eyes.


  10. Susie,
    This is beautiful; how can she not be touched and comforted by your words?

  11. Hi Susie! This is such a beautiful and heartfelt poem. It is precious and I know that she must treasure your comforting words. I especially loved the line that said to fill the void with joy and cheer. I know that when I have lost dear loved ones, focusing on the happy memories has helped me to cope and move through the grief. I think this poem is a gift to everyone who reads it. I hope you have a lovely evening and a good week ahead! With Love, Delisa :)

    1. Thank you Delisa, she told me it brought her so much comfort and peace..That's all I could do and of course pray..It must be a tremoundous hurt, the loss of a child..hope you have a nice week also..Susie