Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thank You Note

                                               I tried to make a total list
                                               of all God's gifts to me
                                               but I soon stopped because I saw
                                               it went on endlessly

                                               The gifts he gives are many more
                                                than I could ever say
                                                his love as well can not be bound
                                                and guides me every day

                                                I also know that blessings come
                                                not just with joy and gain
                                                at times quite unexpectedly
                                                they're part of trial and pain

                                                I need to have an open heart
                                                whatever life may bring
                                                oh let me magnify the Lord
                                                and let my praises sing

                                                I did not write a litany
                                                to this I have confessed
                                                but I give thanks to Jesus Christ
                                                and know that I am blest

                                                 Amy C. Ellis
I had to post this one, it's one of my favorites.... I love it and hope you enjoy as well...Blessings, Susie


  1. Beautiful thoughts today. All it takes is to look around us, maybe take a walk, too, to see a glimpse of that endless list.

  2. Lovely poem, and it is so true.

  3. How very beautiful. God bless you this weekend.

  4. I also enjoyed reading this very much; thank you for posting it.

  5. So very beautiful, Susie! I think it's one of my favorites, too!

  6. Beautiful...the last stanza sums it up so well

  7. Lovely thoughts and so good to start my day reading such a great poem.


  8. Ahhh, Susie, that is lovely. I too am blessed and know that we have so much than we ever give thanks for.
    I love the reminder...

    1. So true Tracy, we could never thank him enough..thank you.

  9. Thank you, Susie! That is a beautiful thank you.