Monday, October 4, 2021



Thought I would give a little update to let you all know how things are going right now. I've been trying to push through and seemed to be getting my strength back a little each day but with Addison's disease it's hard to find a new norm. I've been trying to sit up more each day and it made me feel more like a human being but that all changed with me again last week.

I have some old crud that I was calling the change of season crud and hoping it was just a viral thing and I could overcome it but no such luck so far. I know it's not the covid but it sure has hit me hard. I called my Dr. today and talked with her and she put me on an antibiotic like last winter when I had pneumonia and it took me two months to get over it. I haven't been out of the house since this past February and it's just me and my husband and my home health aid that comes in 4 hours daily and she has been very careful .

With Addison's disease we live on steroids to replace the cortisol that our Adrenal Glands can't put out. Cortisol is our Stress hormone that keeps us going when stress hits our bodies. Sickness of any type is stress on the body and taking antibiotics causes even more stress. So when this happens we have to double or triple our steroid doses to get through it.  When we get better we have to slowly taper our steroids back down to our usual doses. I take five small doses daily and it takes a long time to taper each one back down. 

I know you all get tired of reading about my ups and downs because everyone seems to have their own battles to fight. It's very sad times we're living in but God is our only constant and the one we can always depend on to help us through this hard walk of life. I'm clinging to him cause he has brought me so far. I'm sorry for not checking in on all of you like I should and keep up with your sweet posts. 
I'm praying for all and for the day when we can feel better and secure enough to live our lives in some peace for a change.

I will close for now and will check back with you all soon as possible. Sending lots of Hugs, Love and Prayers to all. May God Bless.  ~Susie~


  1. Susie, I am always glad to get an update from you and I'm sure the rest of your friends are, too. I pray for you often and am believing God will make a way for you out of all this misery. Jesus is still the HEALER!
    Hugs and love, my friend

  2. Sending healing thoughts and wishes your way sweet lady. This change of seasons has caused me some health problems also, I'm hoping this too shall pass..

  3. I'm so glad to hear from you, Susie. I'm sorry you are going through all of this. You're right, with all the changes that is happening in the world, God's love never changes. He is always there for us and comforts us. Saying a prayer for you, dear Susie, and thank you for
    letting us know how you're doing. I think about you and appreciate
    the update. Take care and love you.


  4. Susie,
    I'm so glad you gave us an update on your health. I think about you often and sure hope and pray you'll get better very soon. I know it must get boring staying at home since February, but so thankful you have your husband and a home health aid to help you. Sending you love and healing prayers.

  5. Its been a few months since this post, and even longer since I have been visiting my blogging friends. I am so very sorry to hear of this struggle. Prayers are being said for you here even as I type this out. And my hope of course is that you are still able to come through each flare up and hurdle of this terrible disease! (with the Lord's help of course) I also pray for you to experience little rays of sunshine , tiny kisses from God to give you some enduring hope and peace and joy even through the darker days (especially then, actually)!
    Blessings & Love~ Lisa