Friday, October 22, 2021

A Big Legacy

 This is my grandpa and grandma on my mama's side and one of my uncles. Back when he was able my grandpa made many handles for tools such as shovels, hoes, mattocks, axes, etc. We lost him in 1974. They had 8 sons and 2 daughters counting my mama. He spent many a day in that little shed beside the house making handles for tools for others

He had one son that kept it up till he got disabled. They made them out of hickory, and white oak because they lasted longer. My uncle Clinton worked on them many years till his mind got bad and we lost him a few years ago at the age of 86. Lots of folks brought their tools and in his later years his mind started getting so bad that his wife would put their names on the tools cause he couldn't remember who brought them. She would sit in that little shop in later years and watch him cause he had already cut his hand really bad in the past.

Lots of people still have their tools that he put handles in today like my husband and son and many others as well. . Some folks may have some that my grandpa did as well. I know my daddy did at one time. My uncle even made handles for tools for the road department for many years. I know this is an old trade and a lost art but they sure did leave a big legacy behind..

Blessings to all ~Susie~


  1. Susie, it sounds like this is a family talent making the handles for tools. That's so special that your husband and son still have the
    handles on their tools to this day. This is a treasured photo of your grandma and grandpa, and I like the one of your uncle holding his tool in his hand. Your grandma had 10 kids! That reminds me of
    my mother-in-law who also had 10 kids.

    I hope October brings you many blessings, Susie.


  2. What a wonderful legacy..and to have it continue on the family was amazing. Your grandmother sounds like she was a good soul. I remember those old handmade hickory handles and that was a hard wood to work with,too. xo Diana

  3. Things that have been made by hand with care are always to be treasured. Thank you for sharing the memories!

  4. I enjoyed this posting very much. Thank you for sharing about your wonderful family.

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