Monday, January 4, 2016

When I Think Of January

                                                     When most people think of January
                                                      they think of the cold
                                                      winter's wrath has settled in
                                                      with a powerful hold

                                                      When I think of January
                                                       my heart dances to a song
                                                       I can hear the sewing machine now
                                                       as it hums on along

                                                       All of those quilts
                                                       I patiently piece together
                                                       will surely keep somebody warm
                                                       in January's harsh's weather
                                                       I can't forget those trips
                                                       I take to distant lands
                                                       in my mind I travel often
                                                       with my pen in hand

                                                       With every little poem
                                                        my spirit surely does climb
                                                        and I live every moment
                                                        in every little rhyme
                                                         So when I look out my window
                                                         and see the January snow
                                                         I don't mind at all
                                                         if time is moving kind of slow

                                                         I know it can't be long
                                                         until spring rolls around
                                                         and it doesn't matter one bit
                                                         if I stay house bound

                                                        © Susie Swanson, 2016

Quilting is my favorite thing to do , especially this time of year but sadly it's not the case quite yet. I'm still having a lot of health issues and praying so hard for a better year. I miss you all and hope so much to be back soon. Thanks for all the prayers and here's wishing you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. ~Susie


  1. My prayers and thoughts are with you, my dearest Susie. I know you are doing your best to get better and I know that Lord is right there with you, helping and sustaining you each day. Just know you are thought of and missed by me and countless others. You are not alone...God is right there..and we are too!! Lots of Love and Warm hugs...I love this poem...Thank you for always lifting my spirits with your sweet poems. God Bless you and your hubby. xoxo <3<3<3

  2. I'm hoping you get back to doing all the things you love real soon, Susie. God is faithful and He will keep his promises. Sewing IS good therapy! Happy New Year, my friend! May it be your best yet, full of delightful new gifts from the Lord straight to you. <3

  3. This is a lovely cheerful poem, Susie. I really like it. Hoping and praying that you will soon be feeling better.

  4. This is a splendid poem, Susie! I always want to work jigsaw puzzles when January rolls around. And I love to quilt too, but my sewing room is quite cold. I'm still praying for your healing! Happy New Year!!

  5. Dear Susie, I sure hoping you would be much better by now. So I will hold you in my prayers. I loved your poem. You'll have to show us some of your quilts one day. My first sewing machine, my young husband bought me when I was cost five dollars...cause it was an old treadle type he got at a sale. Suppose to be an antique...but I used it to sew with. I made my sisters lots of Barbie doll clothes. LOL. Then I made my Angie some play clothes. Blessings to you dear friend, xoxo,Susie