Monday, January 25, 2016

When I See An Old House

When I see an old house on display
So many fond memories come to mind
 Children laughing and playing everyday
So much joy and happiness left behind

I see green grass and flowers in bloom
Big tall trees that reach high as the sky
The kitchen being the most popular room
On the window sill sits a tasty, apple pie

The clotheslines are hanging full as can be
Beautiful quilts airing in the spring time sun
Windows being washed, gardening tremendously
So many chores to do and happily having fun

There’s that old swing hanging from a tree
Where many childhood days were well spent
Oh the sound of children’s voices so merrily
Depicts the joys of innocence that still ascent

When I see an old house it touches my heart
To hear in those home-sweet rooms laughter ring
Knowing such timeless beauty will always stand apart
Like the squeaking noise of that old porch swing

A century of growth, sun and rain can never erase
Or take away the priceless stories still left to tell
Even the old chimney stands proud, tall with grace
A reminder of a fireplace and the warmth that it held

A house holds more than paint, walls and floors
It holds the treasured love of those that lived within 
 So much peace and tears of happiness, it still pours
Built the foundation to last forever without end

When I see an old house it speaks loud and clear
It soothes my soul and gives me peace of mind
To know there’s a clear cut past to others so dear
How could I ever forget or leave it all behind

© Susie Swanson, 2016


  1. This is a lovely poem, Susie. I can just imagine a happy family living and growing up together there. You describe it all so well. Thinking of you. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. There's so many of those old houses still standing in these parts. One in particular was the boyhood home of my friend's husband. He is nearing ninety now, and it is not uncommon to drive by and see old Bud walking around that old house (he and his wife live just down the road). I imagine his thoughts mirror the words of your poem.
    Praying you are well, dear friend!

  3. When I see an old house, nice thoughts come to mind too, Susie. And the kitchen, the clothesline, the fireplace, and the swing hanging from the tree are all things that make up such an old memorable house. I think of my mom's house often and remember so many good times growing up. What a charming poem this is, Susie.

    love, ~Sheri

  4. Aren't those memories wonderful, Susie! I love how your portray the past, I can feel your heart. <3

  5. Susie, this went straight to my center...and to my heart. Why? Because I am like that when I see things such as you have shown us here. My imagination takes to the home and scene and gently lights and polishes it just right. Burnishing old memories of my own.

  6. And my friends don;t have the same sense of nostalgia or the preciousness of old things and old memories as I do. No one else will stand transfixed looking and mentally populating the home the way I will.

  7. When I see an old house I want to go inside and look around, thinking what it must have been like for the family which lived there. Hope you're feeling better!

  8. I love your poem Susie. Some times when I see an old house falling makes me kind of think if someone could have bought it, they may have saved it. There's one down the road from here that a big wind could totally blow over. I'll have to show it on my blog one day. Blessings to you, hope you are doing better these days. xoxo,Susie

  9. Susie I love this poem very much. It brings back many wonderful memories.

  10. Beautiful piece. The old house looks similar to the one at the back of our property. I love old houses.

  11. Wonderful!
    it's so sad so many have been let fall into disrepair!