Tuesday, March 3, 2015


                                                 The steeple stands so proud
                                                 The echoes are still there
                                                 When I listen very close
                                                  I hear singing in the choir

                                                 And preaching was a plenty
                                                 The Sabbath was its day
                                                 That old alter was the key
                                                 Most humbly they did pray

                                                 Those old weathered boards
                                                 Oh what stories to be told
                                                 The congregation was all there
                                                 And the bell chimes were gold

                                                 They came from far and near
                                                 Parked under trees with shade
                                                 In the dirt where they sat
                                                 Many wagon tracks were made

                                                 The mules were so content
                                                 As they grazed on green grass
                                                 Slightly peaking their ears
                                                 When a big Amen was passed

                                                 Plenty of shouting and rejoicing
                                                 Still hangs in every crack
                                                 No memories will ever be lost
                                                 Nor echoes will it lack

                                                 Such a big part of history
                                                 And a grand, old Godly place
                                                 It touched so many hearts
                                                 With beauty, dignity and grace

                                                 That old door is still open
                                                 Just like it was before
                                                 Calling, calling to someone
                                                 Come on in there's still more

                                                 Listen closely to each sermon
                                                 There's many left to hear
                                                "Amazing Grace" still echoes
                                                 Through the wooded path so clear

                                                 © Susie Swanson, 2015

The picture above is an Abandoned Church in Lincoln County, Wisconsin. Built in 1907.

A little update.. I am very sorry I haven't been around to visit ya'll lately and read your wonderful posts. As most of you know I had my Thyroid removed this past November (Complete Thyroidectomy) and they've been trying to get me balanced out on Thyroid Meds. Well, I've had a terrible setback. A week after surgery they raised my meds to high and I've been in what they call a " Shocked Hyperthyroid Stage". That's when it runs to high and they can not get it to come down. I went back to the doctor yesterday and I'm now being lowered to a very low dose which is very dangerous without a gland but they can't take me off of it all together and start over due to the dangers involved when there's no Thyroid Gland. To top all of this I'm scheduled to have Gallbladder surgery two weeks from today, 17th of March. If it was out now it wouldn't be to soon. It's stocked full of stones and I can hardly eat anything at all. But God is in control and I will get through it just like I always have. Without him we can not make it. I have laid it in his hands a long time ago. I know ya'll are sending up prayers for me and they are most humbly appreciated. I felt that ya'll deserve to know and I will be back soon as possible. God Bless , ~Susie


  1. I am sorry about all of the sufferings you went through after your Thyroid surgery. I hope that they figure out how to balance your meds and that you get stable again.
    Good luck with your surgery for Gallbladder. God is great and every thing will be fine.
    Thank you for a beautiful poem and a great post about the church.

  2. I'm so, so sorry, Susie. I was hoping for a better report about your health issues. Yes, God is in control and it's wonderful you have such faith in Him. Just write when you feel like writing; we'll keep praying, and one of these days all will be o.k.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear of the troubles you are having, Susie. Prayers for you here that your surgery will go well and that you will soon have your thyroid medications balanced out. I hope you feel better very soon.

    Your poem is lovely and inspiring. Thinking of you.

  4. Dear Susie, I am sending up prayers and also sending you hugs. I wish I could do more. There's not enough studies done on thyroid removals, as far as I am concerned. I hope you can have that simple gall bladder removal. You are becoming a tough cookie. God bless you. xoxo,Susie

  5. Oh you poor dear...Bless your heart for letting us know. prayers will keep your mind at perfect peace as the Lord carries you through this storm.
    I should think that they would keep you in the hospital for observation when they drop your dose just in case.
    God bless you and hold you tight~ ((hugs)) ~ Lisa

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  7. Susie, you just keep holding on to the Lord and I'll keep praying for you. This did not come to stay. It came to pass! Love you!