Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Antenna TV

No, that's not a bear climbing that tree. 

I remember back when we had antenna TV. To turn the antenna it was a task and always took three.

One in front of the TV, one on the porch and one to climb the tree.
The one standin in front of the TV is the one that played the biggest part and held the key.


We had one brother that could climb a tree more fast than a squirrel.. He’d scare ya to death so bad it’d make ya hair curl.

We only got two channels and they were snowy as could be, except on a clear day and that old antenna was stuck high up in that tree.

And when it came a swiff wind it’d happen every time. That old TV was gone and we’d holler for him to take his daily climb.

One time we put daddy in  front of the TV and on the porch was my spot to be.

He hadn’t been in the tree long before daddy yelled WHOAAAA, COME ON DOWN.

On the way back down my brother slipped and hit every limb as he fell to the ground.

We all went runnin just knowin he’d broke every bone in his body.
He got up off the ground and seemed to be alright but he walked awfully slowly.

When we went in to check out the TV, it was still snowy as could be. Daddy was sittin there with his legs crossed and said son you’re gonna get killed yet climbin that tree.

That TV was blank as ya ole hat, couldn’t see a thing… All my brother could say was Daddy what happened to the dang thing.

My brother wouldn’t climb it again when daddy was in reign. He knew there was no use or he’d have to borrow daddy’s walkin cane.

Mama got upset and had plenty to say. She told daddy the next time to
get out of the way. That young’un could’ve broke his neck and you’d still be sittin here killin the day. Sanford And Son is not worth it at all to see a young’un climb a tree and take a death fall.

Daddy sure did like his favorite show and mama always waited patiently and the anticipation continued to grow. She wouldn't admit it but she sure did love her game show.

She actually had two she liked the best. Wheel Of fortune and The Price Is Right, was a joyful contest.

But when it came time for us to watch our favorite one of all, dog gone if company wouldn’t come to call.

Yep, just walk right in and make themselves at home. And it’d been a whole week since we’d seen The Waltons come on.

By the time they left we had to hit the tic and there’d be no TV and our wounds we had to lick and half the time my brother was using daddy’s walkin stick.

I’ll have to give credit where credit is due. When an old antenna is all you got, you learn to make do. Even if climbing a tree it takes a whole crew.

                                                    © Susie Swanson

Many thanks for all the prayers. Things are just about the same. I'm waiting to hear from my Endo and see what dosage he's gonna slap me on next.  Blessings to all. ~Susie


  1. This makes me remember the first TV watching I did. The family of one of my friends had a set and one could barely make out the picture because of the "snow" but we thought it was great. That was in the mid 50s. I didn't have a set until we got married in 1960; by then the picture was somewhat better.

    Why does it seem to take forever for test results to come back! I just know your patience must be running thin.

  2. And remember the silver foil you might wrap around rabbit ear antennas and then the picture would get better if you held the antenna but back to snowy when you let go? Our antenna was on the roof so no one had to climb a tree, that looks scary!

  3. Susie, Those probably were the good old days with antennas and rabbit ears thingys. Because now we pay so much for so little...what is even worth watching on TV any more ? I do remember Sunday evening with the Disney shows ,way back when. That was fun times. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. This Antenna TV is fantastic! It brought back many memories of our old snowy TV, too. Those were the days!
    Wishing you a very happy Easter!

  5. I remember having an antennae and watching all those old shows. Love the picture of the trees too!