Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Old Barn

                                                 There's an old barn
                                                 sitting all silent and still
                                                 what a story it could tell
                                                 out there in that big, open field

                                                 Back when times were different
                                                 there were alot of things going on
                                                 to look at the old barn today
                                                 no one would never have known

                                                 It was very fond of the cows
                                                 that used to all gather in
                                                 when it came milking time
                                                 and the milk they were willing to lend

                                                 Oh those pesky chickens
                                                 they were always running around
                                                 looking to build their nests
                                                 for then they were homeward bound

                                                 It could never forget the horses
                                                 that each evening had to be fed
                                                 especially during the winter
                                                 before they were put to bed

                                                 Oh how it loved the children
                                                 when they used to come and play
                                                 up in that big, old hayloft
                                                 each and everyday

                                                 There the old rope is still hanging
                                                  they used to swing on that old thing
                                                  with all their child-like noise
                                                  what joy it did bring

                                                  The old barn surely did feel needed
                                                   in that other place and time
                                                   it seems so sad today
                                                   just to walk away and leave it behind
                                                   In my mind I'll hold on to the picture
                                                   when I walk through that big, old door
                                                   then it'll stay with me forever
                                                   and never be forgotten anymore

                                                  © Susie Swanson, 2014

Hope all is well with ya'll. We've had a rainy few days but that's fixing to change. Cool weather coming in. Practically unheard of this time of year. Canning season is in full swing and I haven't been able to do much this year. Mostly freezing alot of stuff. But like the old sayin, "It'll beat a snowball anyday" Ya'll take care and don't work to hard. Blessings, Suse


  1. Lovely poem, Susie. It's amazing how much life those old barns saw. :)

  2. Beautiful poem about barns. Every time I see an old barn, I wonder what all could have gone on in that old barn years ago.

    We finally got some cool weather today.. PERFECT... This is fantastic for JULY... Yeah---I wish it would stay this way all summer... ha

    How are you feeling?

    1. Thanks Betsy. Yay, glad you got some of the Polar Vortex. It's so refreshing. I love it.

  3. I'm glad the cooler weather is headed your way. It's cooler here as well ~ wonderful!!
    I'm sorry you haven't felt well enough to do much canning.
    And you know I have lots of happy memories of an old barn.

    1. Thank you Charlotte. I knew you loved them as well. I'm glad you're having the nice weather too.

  4. Susie, This is a perfect poem to go with that picture. I hate to see old barns falling down. You know they replace them with pole barns...just not the same , is it? Blessings, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. Is it pleasant there now? the last two days have been heaven.

    1. Thank you Susie. I hate to see them torn down too. They have so many stories to tell. Yes, it's so nice here today and I hope it sticks around. jJust wishful thinking, it's still Summer.