Sunday, January 26, 2014

I Like To Go Back

                                            I like to go back to the place I belong
                                           Those grassy hills where I loved to roam

                                           Where life is simple and the trees grow tall
                                           With love,faith and family, nothing is small

                                           Where the wind blows fresh and the air is clean
                                           The sky is more blue than I have ever seen

                                           The fields are bountiful as harvest time begins
                                           Plenty of eating when the snow falls again

                                           Kicking up my heels, old memories so dear
                                           Supper's on the table, still echoes so clear

                                           Playing outside all day, we had a creative touch
                                           Imagination was encouraged, we never had much

                                           I like to go back where families stayed together
                                           Endured struggles and trials through stormy weather

                                           When parents set an example to live by and grow
                                            Instilled in us dreams to carry onward as we go

                                           Where the Bible was read many a night and day
                                            At home and school we bowed our head to pray

                                           And God was in the middle of our everyday life
                                           We learned to lean through all struggles and strife

                                            It may not seem like much to this world today
                                            I will cherish it always until my dying day

                                            I like to go back to the place I belong
                                           Where faith, love and principles built a home

                                           © Susie Swanson, 2014

Hope all of you are staying warm and cozy this cold winter. I'll be so glad when spring has sprung. I've been staying busy with my quilting, etc. Ya'll take care and have a blessed week. Susie


  1. Hi Susie, This is such a sweet poem. I am able to visit my childhood home and that of my grandma's (even tho they are now businesses). Still, my heart aches for the simple times of long ago and family gathered around. Everyone has gone on to Heaven but I am thankful for the many years and happy memories.
    Enjoy your quilting.

  2. Awe, thank you Mildred. Mine does too more each day. Those were the best times. Everyone around here is gone as well and I'm more thankful each day.

  3. Lovely sentiments expressed here, Susie. I have many sweet memories from my childhood too.

  4. Wonderful Susie!! I love your poems!

  5. Susie, I especially liked the phrases, "When parents set an example..." and "God was in the middle of our everyday life." We definitely need more of this!

    Are we going to see a new quilt this winter? Can't wait!

  6. Nice Susie: I just posted a poem written by my grandfather, He had no formal education which I guess is immaterial, but discovering this was a surprise.

  7. Sounds like you're feeling better, happy day for that! Your poem is beautiful, makes me want to walk down that road for a bit, right now:)

  8. Hi Susie, how I would love to have a time machine and travel back. We could spend a whole day just kicking up our heels and I could see first hand all the places you used to roam as a child! I love your poem today and it made me long for those times when life was more simple.

    I am glad to hear that you are feeling better my friend. I came down sick again with bronchitis last week and the doc is giving me another round of antibiotics, it is really helping. Tony started getting it again on Sunday. I sure hope that you don't get hit with the bad ice storm tomorrow. They said we should get the tail end and that there is 100% snow for tuesday night. Thank you again for all your sweet and loving words about Barkley, they sure mean a lot to me. I went in and talked to his vet today and he was very reassuring and comforting. It helped to talk with him and let him know what happened. He too said it sounded like an aneurism and he felt sure that there was nothing we could have done to have prevented it. It helped to put my mind at ease and I feel more at peace. Have a restful evening ahead and keep warm and safe in all the snow! With Love Delisa

    1. Thank you sweet friend. i would love to do that and relive all of those good times. I'm so sorry ya'll have been sick and i'm sending prayers and well wishes . This stuff is rough this winter. So many have it around here. Hope you feel better soon.. Losing an animal is like losing a family member but maybe time will heal your pain and hurt. God Bless.

  9. I'd like to go back, too, Susie. Those were better days.

  10. Dear Susie,

    I love this poem that you have written. It reminds me of days gone by. Those days were so much more simpler and easier to understand. I long to go back and lay under that tree, in the foothills where I grew up. To listen to the birds sing and look up at the tall trees dancing in the breeze. To come home and write in my journal, and maybe do a little sketch as well. I long to get a letter from my grandma once again. She would tell me about how her life was, and would always ask me questions. Thank you Susie for bringing me back to the simpler times. With love and lots of hugs from me to you! xo

    1. Thank you so much Susan. Your memories are so precious. I'd love to go back to that simpler time myself. Hugs to you also.