Sunday, May 5, 2013

Memories Never Age

                                                       From the time she was a little sprout
                                                       She walked with a happy song
                                                       Old dirt roads were the common route
                                                       Where so many feet traveled upon

                                                       Walking hand and hand together
                                                       Her little grandma by her side
                                                       Eight short years seemed forever
                                                       A happy little girl with joy and pride

                                                       She came to learn so much more
                                                       As she listened along the way
                                                       Visiting many, walking to the store
                                                       Was the usual routine each day

                                                       Or sitting on an old fence rail
                                                       Eating an apple under the tree
                                                       Grandma gathering apples in her apron tail
                                                       The taste of that apple, what a memory

                                                       Skipping along, looking for a pretty rock
                                                       Running through the creek, busting it wide
                                                       Hardly a shoe, never a sock
                                                       Stumping her toes, she never cried

                                                       Her mouth running ninety miles an hour
                                                       Asking questions, curious as could be
                                                       Grabbing a crabapple, oh how sour
                                                       Her grandma warned her aimlessly

                                                       Walking to church many a time
                                                       And Decoration Day an annual event
                                                       Dinner on the ground a sure fire sign
                                                       The whole day they rejoiced and spent

                                                       So proud of her pretty, little church dress
                                                       Her mama made, especially for the day
                                                       And those pretty roses were the best
                                                       Sitting on the graves in a big bouquet

                                                       Carrying that little doll her grandma gave
                                                       With piercing eyes blue as the sky
                                                       The smallest things are worth the save
                                                       Worth more than money can buy

                                                       So many memories for a small girl
                                                       Tucked away of a few short years
                                                       Her grandma wasn't long for this world
                                                       Golden memories wipe away the tears

                                                       In her mind she'll never lose sight
                                                       Of her grandma on that distant shore
                                                       Her voice she still hears each night
                                                       Go to sleep now, tomorrow we'll do even more

                                                       Today she smiles with a happy heart
                                                       Turning back time and each cherished page
                                                       She and her grandma will never part
                                                       Although she's grown, memories never age

                                                       @ Susie Swanson, 2013

This is for my grandma with much love.. A few short years together seemed like a lifetime of memories and I hold them so dear. I think of her more often this time of year when her pretty roses are in bloom..

I will be taking a short break from Blogger next week. Taking my computer to the Computer Doctor for a tune up. Hoping that's all it'll be.. To the ones that I miss visiting your posts, I'll apoligize now and catch them later. I do look forward to each one of your posts and appreciate your sweet words and visits to mine. It means the world to me and I thank each one of you ... May God Bless, Susie


  1. This is my favorite poem ever, Susie! Just beautiful. Best wishes with your computer. Have a very nice week.

    1. Thank you so much.. I hope to be back soon. Hope you have a nice week as well.

  2. What a sweet poem! I hope all goes well with your computer, I'll miss your creations but look forward to your return! Enjoy your "alone" time:)

    1. Thank you Lise.. I'll miss your posts as well.. I always enjoy each one.. be back soon.

  3. Such a lovely poem and sweet memories, Susie! Hope your computer gets fixed quickly! Blessings to you!

  4. I love this poem so much! My precious grandmother's birthday is tomorrow, so of course I have been thinking of her so much lately, she would have been 92 yrs old if she was still living. This poem came just at the right time. :)
    Oh the fun things we did together .... a lot of the things were work because she was one that was always busy with something. Sewing, quilting, gardening, cooking, canning, etc. But no matter what she always made it fun. Of course we did lots of stuff just for fun too - fishing, swimming (she could swim like you wouldn't believe), picnics. She is exactly the kind of grandmother I want to be.

    1. I know you are missing her even more..Those memories are priceless. That's the way it was with my grandma but she loved to walk places and I was always there by her side... It's so good to have the memories to hold too..

  5. This poem is wonderful Susis! What a precious memory!

    Good luck with your computer!

  6. Dirt roads, stumped toes, creeks to swim in...all wonderful memories; however, none included my grandma. She wasn't very affectionate until I found her after she had fallen and broke her arm, then things changed just a little. I feel like I missed out on a lot.

    1. Thank you.. I'm so sorry, but you know alot of the older people were like that back then.. I've always felt like it was the way they were raised.

  7. Susie this is such a delightful poem, and reminded me so much of my own grandma.
    They do seem to carry such an influence on us granddaughters, my grandma owned and operated her own bakery for some forty odd years, I think of the memories shared working side by side everyday.
    Just precious, and thank you for sharing with us.

    1. Thank you Jo. That is some great memories for sure. I think we all have our own memories of grandparents.. I miss them so bad.

  8. Such precious memories. I wish I had known my grandmothers. My paternal grandmother had passed away before I was born and my maternal grandmother died when I was nine. I never really spent much time with her.

    1. Thank you Susie. I was very blessed to know both my grandma's. My Paternal grandpa passed away before I was born.. I wish I could have met him but my dad and mom told me so much about him that I feel like I already knew him.

  9. Grandmothers are some of the most precious memories of all! Thank you for sharing yours.

  10. Very sweet poem with memories of your grandma, Susie. You did a nice job with this one. I'm sure your grandma would be very proud of you and your writing today.

  11. This was wonderful, Susie.... I miss my Mammaw every day, but especially this time of year because she loved to see the flowers bloom.

    1. Thank you Paula. I know how you feel.. Spring was a special time for both my grandmas and my mom..

  12. Susie,
    What a lovely poem dedicated to your Grandma. I didn't know my Grandmas very much on either side. I was the youngest of the children, so they passed away when I was only a small child. Memories of our loved ones are so special to us, and we will carry them with us forever.

    Hope your computer is up and running very soon.


  13. This one sure hit home for little gramma was under 5 ft. tall...yet she was the biggest person in my young life!

    Hope your computer problems are resolved quickly!

    ~Love, and blessings~

    1. Thanks Lisa.. Your little grandma sounds like she was about as big as mine..

  14. Did I mention I love your green blog design for spring?


  15. Love this poem Susie, grandmothers are very special

  16. Terrific blog colours Such a nice poem Susie. This brought back so many memories of both my grand mothers. Miss them so much.