Sunday, April 7, 2013


                                                  A clothesline was a news forecast
                                                  To neighbors passing by
                                                  There were no secrets you could keep
                                                  When clothes were hung to dry

                                                  It also was a friendly link
                                                  For neighbors always knew
                                                  If company had stopped on by
                                                  To spend a night or two

                                                  For then you'd see the "fancy sheets"
                                                  And towels upon the line
                                                  You'd see the "company tablecloths"
                                                  With intricate design

                                                  The line announced a baby's birth
                                                  From folks who lived inside
                                                  As brand new infant clothes were hung
                                                  So carefully with pride

                                                  The ages of the children could
                                                  So readily be known
                                                  By watching how the sizes changed
                                                  You'd know how much they'd grown

                                                  It also told when sickness struck
                                                  As extra sheets were hung
                                                  The nightclothes and a bathrobe too
                                                  Haphazardly were strung

                                                  It also said, "Gone on vacation"
                                                  When lines hung limp and bare
                                                  It told, "We're back" when full lines sagged
                                                  With not an inch to spare

                                                  New folks in town were scorned upon
                                                  If wash was dingy and gray
                                                  As neighbors carefully raised their brows
                                                  And looked the other way

                                                 But clotheslines now are of the past
                                                 For dryers make work much less
                                                 Now what goes on inside a home
                                                 Is anybody's guess

                                                 I really miss that way of life
                                                 It was a friendly sign
                                                 When neighbors knew each other best
                                                 By what hung on the line

                                                 Author Unknown

This is an earlier post from last spring.. Since spring has finally sprung at my house My clothesline is full each day.. So many quilts to wash and dry too.. Clotheslines may be a thing of the past for a few but for me they're still very much in style.There's nothing like the smell of fresh bed linens when I crawl in bed at night.. I did say crawl, been working on getting the yard in shape and doing alot of mulching..But I'm enjoying every minute of being outside even if my old muscles haven't been used in a while.. April is still borrowing from March with the windy days and I love it, especially when it's warm wind.. The clothes really dry fast. Hope spring has arrived at your house.. Susie



  1. Susie, this poem sure has a lot of truth in it! I think I'm the only person in the neighborhood who hangs out clothes, and I don't hang out "everything"! Now that we have DOGS I have to be very watchful or else find the sheets on the ground. Thanks for posting the poem again.

    1. Thank you Charlotte.. Yes it does have a lot of truth in it.. I'm sorry about those dogs pulling your clothes from the line.. I hate when they do that..I've always hung clothes out in the warm months and look forward to it so much..

  2. I've read that poem before and really like it. My mom always hung her clothes out to dry when I was growing up. I did it too where we used to live where I had a spot for a clothesline, but I don't have a clothesline where we live now. The smell of sheets fresh from the line is something that just can't be beat.

    1. Thank you Daisy. There's nothing like the smell of those sheets..

  3. The poem brought back lots of memories. We have had a beautiful weekend; spring is finally here! Have a good week.

    1. Thank you so much.. Yes we couldn't have ask for any better weather.

  4. I remember how much fun we had as children running through Mama's freshly washed towels, and you're right - the smell of line dried sheets is something I miss! I seldom see anyone hanging clothes outside any more.

    1. I remember running through The There' hardly any clotheslines at all anymore.

  5. Susie,
    I just saw a clothesline on a show that I was watching, and thought to myself how much I love looking at them, and that they are not used anymore. Your poem is so special today, and I think I love coming over here because me and you love the old things of the past. My mother-in-law had 10 children, and she used the clothesline when the kids were growing up. This is a special poem, indeed.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

    1. Thank you so much Sheri.. I'm glad we both can relate to the past as well and I love my visits to your blog too.

  6. Love this! I remember hanging clothes on the clothes line. I remember helping my grandma and mom with the line. My husbands mother always used the line as well. I did for sometime and so miss the smell of fresh sheets and towels dried in the sun. I think I would love to do that once again. So miss....

    1. Thanks Beth.. I hope you can have a line soon.Blessings to you.

  7. Susie, I would love a clothesline neighbor's burn there trash and I never know when they I do without one for now. If I move back to town I'll have one. Our mom did the wash and us girls had to hang it up and bring it in when it dried. And in all kinds of weather. xoxo,Susie

    1. Thanks Susie.. I know exactly what you mean about the burning part..xo

  8. This is one of my favorites, Susie~ I especially love the part about "gone on vacation" and "WE'RE BACK!" *hahaha*

  9. Hi Susie,
    Sorry to report, no spring here yet! The clothes would be stiff with frost or limp and wet if they were hung out this week!
    I do agree with you though, there's nothing better than fresh line dried linens!...Hope to experience that real soon :)
    ~God bless~ Lisa

  10. I can't wait to hang my linens on the line again! There is nothing as fresh smelling as clothes from the line:)