Friday, September 28, 2012

Listen And Grow Strong

                                         An old man sat one evening on his porch
                                         his face was tranquil, in his eyes was peace
                                         his hands were still, his life's work was done
                                         he had a look about him of sweet release

                                        And I needing to learn so many things
                                        sit down beside him as he began to share
                                        he said my child, I once was restless too
                                        with so much to learn, I failed I do declare
                                        I was hurt by life, blind and dumb
                                        so many worldly things, lead me astray
                                        thinking I knew it all, when I'd only begun
                                        caused my mother to pray, many a night and day

                                        Ever so loving, the Good Lord heard each prayer
                                        he was guiding my every step, towards growing old
                                        he carried me when I needed him the most
                                        into an old man with a satisfied soul

                                       Just know when you look upon my wrinkled brow
                                       along this path, my feet scarcely touched the ground
                                       life's sweet insistent wind and caressing sun
                                       brushed my face with only a whispering sound

                                       So much wisdom, oh how his words did shine
                                       I listened to him attentively, and I listened long
                                       I learned his secret well, one who trusts in God
                                       will listen as they seek and grow strong

                                              Susie Swanson, 2012

I wrote this poem with my daddy in mind. So many days and nights, I sit and listened to him talk and still feel as if I missed out on so much and wished I had listened more.. Daddy was a God fearing man and an open history book.. I know I've wrote and told alot about him on here but I never get tired of writing about some of his life.. I put that mildly because I could never in a million years tell what his life was like and what he saw and lived through in his lifetime.. My Daddy died in 1998 at the age of 94.. I miss him so much but I know he's up there with mama and that's where he wanted to be..
This poem is also dedicated to all the older people that's passed through this life.. They left some mighty, big shoes to fill.. Blessings, Susie


  1. So beautiful Susie. None of us really appreciate our parents, until they are gone. Old folk in general are swept aside like dust into a corner by many. I always find they had a world of knowledge and wisdom to share. I believe for the reason that not many listen or find them valuable, some of them stop talking and just sit back and watch.I often talk to oldies in the supermarket, and give them a hug.....I used to do the same with my patients. One day soon, I'll be there. xxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you Crystal, we surely don't..until they're gone..I love old people so much.. I have such a tender place in my heart for them.. They are sadly overlooked so much.. I try and give them the upmost respect and have wrote so many poems in one way or another about them..

  2. Lovely poem, Susie. I can tell how much your Dad meant to you. It sounds like he was a strong influence and example for you in your life.

  3. I had a good one, too, Susie. Any good traits I have, I owe to him and the Lord.

    1. Thank you Gorges, that's wonderful.. Like you I give my dad and mom all the credit for who I am today with the help of God, of course.

  4. Very beautiful Susie. I miss my mom and dad too and I wish I had listened more and talked less.

    1. Thank you Beth, I wish the same thing..We don't know what we are missing until they're gone..

  5. Such a precious poem. I can feel the love in it. There is so much I wished I had asked my dad.

  6. Susie, this has to be one of your best poems! I'm envious of people who were close to their dads; I never had that. Daddy wasn't affectionate; I never remember sitting in his lap or him telling me he loved me. Neither do I remember him ever spanking me; I cowered at his voice or his stern look. But I do understand; he was the 10th child in his family and I don't think he ever had much attention as a little boy, so he probably didn't know how to be loving to a child. He was a good, Godly man though; a Baptist preacher in fact.

    1. Thank you so much..I'm sorry about your dad..Some men are like that..It is the way they were raised.My father in law was like that but he loved his family so much..

  7. What a lovely poem. Your dad had such a positive and loving influence.

  8. My father was not that sort of man, but his daddy was. My grandfather was one the sweetest, most Godly men I've ever known. Your poem could have been written about him. I love it!

    1. Thank you, glad it relates to you and your grandfather..I wrote it with all ofolder people in mind too..