Thursday, September 20, 2012

In Autumn's Own Way

                                                          Flowers of Autumn
                                                          what a beautiful sight
                                                          spread across the meadow
                                                          so golden and bright

                                                          Leaves of Autumn
                                                          a rainbow of hue
                                                          boasting their fancy
                                                          with colors so new

                                                          Skies of Autumn
                                                          so blue and clear
                                                          twinkling star nights
                                                          when darkness is here

                                                          Fields of Autumn
                                                          are ready to go
                                                          with a harvest of plenty
                                                          and a beautiful show

                                                          Nights of Autumn
                                                          refreshed with a chill
                                                          a blanket for sleeping
                                                          really seals the deal

                                                          The magic of Autumn
                                                          brings a wonderful array
                                                          of beautiful treasures
                                                          in Autumn's own way

                                                          Susie Swanson,2012


  1. Lovely! Today has been our coolest so far and a light, soft blanket will feel good!

    1. It sure has, Thta blanket is nice at night..thank you.

  2. Beautiful, Susie. I just love autumn and the changes it brings to us.

  3. It's such a pretty time. Lovely poem, Susie!

  4. You have brought the magic of fall to me with your words. Where I live in Texas we don't get to experience the changing colors of fall.

    1. Thank you Susie, That's so sad.. I wish you could enjoy them too..

  5. Susie, I think this is my favorite yet. Your love of this beautiful season just shines through every line.

  6. Hi Susie, what a wonderful poem and I love your blog's new red color! I am really looking forward to fall too. All the leaves are still green and on the trees here in our little part of south Georgia. Autumn doesn't really start here until November but then it is so pretty, with the flaming maple trees and snowy cotton fields in full bloom! I am longing for that first chilly sweater day! I started a tradition years ago when Tony and I were first married. On the first cold day of autumn, I make a big pot of potato cheese soup and homemade bread, with pumpkin cake for dessert. It won't be long now! I especially love the line in your poem about the chill of autumn air being a blanket for sleeping. That is so pretty! I love that feeling too. Have a wonderful evening ahead! Love, Delisa :)

    1. Thank you Delisa, It's sad that you have to wait that long but it'll be worth it, I'm sure. That soup sounds yummy, think of me..blessings

  7. This was so beautiful, Susie! And the nights have been chilly here.. perfect for snuggling with a blanket! :)

    1. Thanks Paula, I love those cool, chilly nights and clear, blue skies..

  8. You've really captured the feeling of fall, Susie. Wonderful poem!