Friday, January 13, 2012


                                                      They were the best of brothers
                                                      a mother's pride and joy
                                                      only fourteen months apart
                                                      between each little boy

                                                      They sat upon her lap
                                                      when both were very small
                                                      before she could turn around
                                                      they each began to crawl

                                                      They grew so close together
                                                      a thousand ways and more
                                                      inseparable paths they traveled
                                                      little boys ready to explore

                                                      A world of lizards and toads
                                                      they blew with the changing wind
                                                      playing in the dirt all day
                                                      every minute they did spend

                                                      Riding a pieced together bike
                                                      or climbing high in a tree
                                                      the things that brothers do
                                                      they were into constantly

                                                      The day they went to school
                                                      a mother's heart cried tears
                                                      for the little boys she knew
                                                      were growing up in years

                                                      When young men they became
                                                       her tears of pride fell more
                                                       with the changing of the times
                                                       they were placed on a different shore

                                                       One went to fight a war
                                                       the other was left behind
                                                       to serve his country at home
                                                       as they both were so inclined

                                                       A soldier and a law officer
                                                       they each stood proud and tall
                                                       different paths they did travel
                                                       to each they gave their all

                                                       A brother's heart was broken
                                                       one dark and saddened day
                                                       his little brother was gone
                                                       to heaven with the angels to play

                                                       But distance is never a barrier
                                                       to a brother's love so strong
                                                       and memories help to sustain him
                                                       enough to carry on

                                                       Susie Swanson, 2012

I dedicate this poem to my husband Kenneth. He lost his little brother, at the age of 51 on May 25,2002. He died suddenly of a heart attack.. They were and still the best of brothers. When they were growing up, they were inseparable, even after they went their separate ways.. They always supported each other in all aspects of their life.. Kenneth spent his time in the Army, having served one tour in Vietnam and Bill became a Highway Patrolman.,retiring with 20 years of service.. Kenneth played Football in High School, Bill liked driving fast cars and they both liked girls..They saved their money and bought their first car together..They shared their whole life through.. Bill got married first to his high school sweetheart..Kenneth got married two years later ( to the most beautiful girl,, sorry Gail).. And even though they lived miles apart they still leaned on each other..They were the best of brothers....To My Husband In Memory Of His Brother..... Love Susie


  1. A tear filled eye of the precious love you have shared with us. May his soul rest in peace. They were very blessed for their times ...

    Have a beautiful weekend ~

  2. So special, Susie. I know your husband will appreciate it too. I never had a brother, only one sister who was 6 1/2 years older than me so we really were never that close. I had a boy cousin though; we got along better together than if we had been brother and sister.

    You're very good at putting things into rhyme!

  3. A beautiful tribute and such a sweet photo.

  4. Hi Susie, this poem is truly beautiful. You have captured the feeling of love so wonderfully. That special bond between brothers and siblings is so tender and special. To have someone to share life with that remembers it all, who lived with you through all your memories side by side. In this busy, crazy world we live in, brotherly love and bonds like the one your husband and brother-in-law shared are becoming more rare as each year passes by. Thank you for writing about it Susie and inspiring us with what was, what is and what can be again. Your writing is a treasure! Delisa

  5. Thank you all so much, your kind and sweet words are so dear to me.. He cried when he read it the first time.. He and his brother were really close..I appreciate your visits so much and enjoy your posts..Thanks Again..

  6. A wonderful tribute to your husband and his brother. I love the photo, too, they were such cute little boys.

  7. This is beautiful, sad and yet so real. What pride your mum-in-law must have felt in those two..I love the photo!!! Sad for your hubby to loose his brother and probably his best friend also. You are a special person for writing this for them.
    God bless your kind heart Susie. xx

  8. Thank you Janet, they were very cute and mean to .. I

    Thank you Crystal Mary, she was very proud of them.. you could see it on her face..thank you both for the sweet words..

  9. It's a sad verse today, Susie. I have a feeling your husband will never stop feeling that loss of his kid brother. It seems like they had a rare special bond.

  10. Very nice, Susie. There's nothing quite like the connection between brothers.

  11. Thank you Joanne, he never will.. they were very close..

    Thank you George, it surely is..

    That's for sure Daisy, thank you ...

  12. Thank You, Susie, for sharing. This is such a beautiful poem and a great depiction of life between young brothers, during the era in which we grew up, fifties and sixties. Things were so much simpler in those days, kids could entertain themselves with so much less than, today's electronic era. Climbing a tree, digging in the dirt, almost anything was fun for us. I regret today's children will never have the privilege of knowing such simple and peaceful times. We were blessed to be born to poor hard-working, Christian parents, who taught us to be satisfied with the least of things in life and to work and save, for the things we really wanted. Though many may never understand why we feel this way, we truly are blessed to have been born in that simple era and in a rural countryside. A peaceful place, where neighbors were friends and where kids could safely play, without fear of being abducted or assaulted, even when we explored the forest, far away from our homes. ~ Thank you for awakening all those old memories in my heart and mind. Your writing, truly is magical. May God bless and keep you and your family in His care...
    My Love,

  13. Such a beautiful poem, Susie.... and a wonderful tribute to your brother-in-law.
    It sounds like those two brothers went through a lot together and were very, very close.

  14. Thank you Phyllis for such cherished and heartfelt words.. so touching (tears).. I am honored to have you join my blog.. Your words echo everything my heart feels about the past and the wonderful simple life we lived.. May God Bless you..

    Thank you Paula for your sweet words and visit.. they surely did and were very close.. My husband feels lost today but he tries to carry on with the knowledge that he had the best brother in the world..

  15. This is wonderful Susie.. you painted the picture so well.. I love you.. Kenneth

  16. Oh Susie, what a heartbreaker... I'm so sorry to hear that your husband's little brother died. This hits home since my two youngest sons are only 16 months apart... Don't know what would happen if one of them died...

    Wonderful poem --even though it made me cry.

  17. A real tear jerker Susie, but written with such feeling.


  18. A splendid tribute to love of brothers.

  19. Thank you all, so glad you enjoyed the memories and I know Kenneth appreciates your sweet words..I surely do..

  20. Very touching and obviously an appropriate memorial to a brother and a relationship.

  21. Thank you Dean and thanks for the visit..

  22. What a tender poem, so warm and touching. Your husband must have such wonderful memories but I know he misses him a lot. I really like your poem.

    1. Thank you so much, he surely does and they keep him going.. thanks for stopping by..

  23. Susie,
    That is a wonderful poem and great sentiment to your husband and his brother...very lovely!
    I love your writing :)

    1. Thank you so much Tracy, that means alot to e.. glad you enjoy it..

  24. Susie, What a wonderful poem. Brought tears to my eyes.

    1. Awww, thank you, it is a bit sad but I tried not to be to sad with it, that's just the way it turned out.. thanks for stopping by and the nice words..

  25. Beautiful poem, makes me think of my dad and his brother. Even though my uncle was 9 years older than my dad they were always super close. My uncle passed away 3 years ago, it was such a sad thing seeing my dad go through that. I have never seen my daddy cry so much .... so sad!

  26. Thank you Tracy, I know what you mean..So sorry about your uncle..

  27. Hi Susie, I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I was thinking about you today. I hope you are having a good day. I know times have been sad recently and I just want to let you know that I care about you very much and hope that you and your husband are feeling better. I think of your niece too and knowing how hard she is working to get well is an inspiration to me every day. DId you get some snow? It looks like we are going to get some rain later tonight. It finally feels like winter. I'm making fried chicken tonight for Tony and just put some baked beans in the oven. They are sure starting to smell good! :) Have a lovely afternoon! Delisa :)

  28. Awww, thank you Delsia that is so nice of you.I've been thinking of you also and I left a comment on yours..Thanks for asking and your prayers..Love, Susie

  29. Susie-what a lovely poem and a lovely tribute to your Husband.