Sunday, December 4, 2011

Santa And Me

                                                 One Christmas I had to help santa
                                                 or no presents there would be
                                                 It was very warm and rainy
                                                 a very unusual Christmas to me

                                                 The presents were stored and ready
                                                  in the old mill house across the creek
                                                  Me and santa thought we'd never make it
                                                  crossing that footlog and swelled up creek

                                                  But we managed to make it across
                                                  and we carried them on in home
                                                  The kids were fast asleep
                                                  and didn't even know we'd been gone

                                                  We left them in that old toe sack
                                                   and laid them near the tree
                                                   When the kids got up the next morning
                                                   what a sight there was to see

                                                   But one present came up missing
                                                   and my sister was awfully sad
                                                   Me and santa had to back track ourselves
                                                   or things were going to get bad

                                                   We found that little doll
                                                   a little piece out the road
                                                   Me and santa had surely dropped it
                                                   out of that big toe sack load

                                                   Then everyone was happy
                                                   thanks to santa and me
                                                   What a wonderful Christmas memory
                                                   every year I put under my tree

                                                    Susie Swanson,  2011


  1. Oh --how I love Christmas memories... This is a great one, Susie. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you are having a blessed day.

  2. Such a cute poem, Susie. Sounds like you and Santa saved the day! :-)

  3. Thank you Betsy, I do too.. I cherish them.

    Thank you Daisy, that we did.

  4. Such a sweet poem! Hope you have a lovely week, Susie.

  5. So sweet!! You have such a wonderful way of putting your memories into rhyme.

  6. That's what so much of Christmas is about, isn't it? Those thoughtful words and efforts we give to one another. Sweet verse, Susie.

  7. Thank you all so much, glad you enjoyed it.. Thanks for the visit and comments..

  8. Lovely, Susie! It sure brings a smile to the face to read this.

  9. Susie, How wonderful this is! Thanks for making me smile this evening ...Hugs Helena xox

  10. Thank you Connie and Helena, Happy that it made you smile... it does me to..Thanks for the visit..

  11. What a wonderful feeling to be a part of bringing others joy.

  12. Lovely poem of Christmas memories. Thanks for sharing.


  13. Hi, Susie!

    Nice to make your aquaintance! I'm a relatively new blogger, desiring to make friends and meet some of the participants of the A-to Z Challenge!

    Linked up with you from your comment on Yvonne's blog - very nice blog you have here. I really appreciate the music and your creative quilts are beautiful!! I can see how your inspiration to write some of your poems would manifest as you create your quilts!

    Much success during the challenge! I'm geared up for the challenge! I have choosen my theme , have you?

    I'm a poet also- so its always nice to connect with a fellow poet! Hope you will vist some times!!

  14. Hi Susie! What a sweet poem! Your poems always make me smile and give a warm and happy feeling to my heart. Tony and I just got back from a little anniversary trip to Beaufort S.C. We had a wonderful time. It sure was nice to see the ocean again. I hope you have a lovely day ahead! Delisa :)

  15. Thank you Yvonne for the lovely comments and visits.

    Thank you Betty, so happy to meet you also. I will visit your blog and look forward to following.. Thank you for the visit and comments..

    Thank you Delisa, it's always so nice to see your smiling face and read your wonderful comments.. So happy you had a nice trip and Happy Anniversary to you both..

  16. Susie, thanks for sharing a lovely memory. Christmas memories like this are what make the holiday season special not all the shopping hustle and bustle and commmercialism, which I so dislike.

  17. Susie,
    Wonderful poem. It brings back many memories of the good old days and Christmases of the past. I also love your header photos. It's always a joy to visit your blog and read your beautiful poetry.

  18. Thank you Beatrice and Brenda, glad you enjoyed my memories..

  19. Fun Christmas memories! Seems like you and Santa were special friends.

  20. Loved the poem-and I'm glad you and Santa found the doll : )