Friday, April 15, 2011

The Golden Seal

                This ring that I wear
                 is a circle of love
                that the two of us share
                sent from heaven above

                A symbol so bold
                from beginning to end
                two hearts make a whole
                for forty years it's been

               Promises were made
               that long ago day
               in our hearts were laid
               forever to stay

              We've walked in sunshine
               held hands in the rain
               our eyes weren't blind
               to heartache and pain

              We've laughed and cried
              and shed joyful tears
              we've held on to pride
              through forty blessed years

             A marriage is for two
             we've never walked alone
             with a love so true
             two hearts made a home

             One thing I do know
              our marriage is real
              a tiny seed did grow
              when God placed the golden seal

             Susie Swanson     
            Wrote in honor of our forty year anniversary.
             Which happened to be even more special
              on  10-10-10


  1. Beautiful Susie.... I never realized how precious that marriage and LOVE is --until I met George. My first marriage was a mess --to put it mildly... Congrats on 40 years. We will celebrate 10 yrs. on June 23....


  2. This was a lovely tribute to your marriage,
    sadly I only got to 35 years. but it was 35 good years.


  3. Thank you Betsy, you are so right. Marriage is a precious thing. Congratulations to you and hope you have many more. Thanks for stopping by.

    Thank you Yvonne, I'm so sorry for your loss, but for those 35 years there's a lifetime of memories to hold on too. Thank you for your visit. Susie

  4. Such wonderful sentiment, Susie. 40 years--that's fantastic!

  5. How lovely Susie. I hope that will be us in forty years time. I'm only half way at the moment.

    warm wishes

  6. Thank you both so much for the nice comments. It seems longer than forty years, but time slips by before we know it. Susie

  7. WOW! That is so beautiful and such a wonderful tribute to your marriage and Gods love and as you so well put in your poem His golden seal.
    One of the ladies I do at the salon she will be celebrating 70 years of marriage this June. I pray her husband gets to come home before then.
    Thank youfor stopping by Susie!
    Congrts on your marriage as well!

  8. What a special poem Susie, it is so beautiful and loving. Congratulations on 40 years! Tony and I just had our 22nd. So often today, we hear people only making jokes about marriage or speak about it in a negative way. You really captured that tender feeling of being a true partner and best friend, and what it means to share life together! The poem was so beautiful. I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead! Delisa ;)

  9. Thanks for the comment, The Grand Ole Opry was a fantastic place to visit, knowing all the great country stars had stood on the same stage we were standing,


  10. Thank you Beth, Delisa, and Yvonne for your nice comments. @Beth, 70 years is very rare. Not many people have that, I hope they ce lebrate even more years together.

    Delisa congratulations on your 22nd. I don't like it either when people joke about it. Marriage is suppose to be a beautiful thing.

    Yvonne, I bet you felt like you were living a dream. Susie

  11. How wonderful! And, a beautiful poem to celebrate it.

  12. Thank you Janet for the nice visit and comments.

  13. Beautifully written Susie, 40 years is a very long time !

  14. Hello Susie, I am a new visitor from Dancing with Daisy's blog. Thanks for sharing such lovely poems and congrats on your recent 40th anniversary - a loving tribute to marriage and friendship.