Wednesday, April 20, 2011

God's Canvas Of Colors

                      The calm beauty of a sunset on a beautiful, painted sky
                      With big, puffy clouds softly floating by

                      A red rose in bloom kissed by the morning dew
                      Sparkling in the sun under a sky of blue

                      A long, rolling meadow of emerald green
                      With a light, fluttering breeze and quite serene

                      An ocean so blue as far as the eyes can see
                      With each stroke he painted far across the sea

                      The eyes of a child smiles with a tender caress
                      His gift to this world filled with joy and happiness

                      Teardrops falling from an old mother's face
                      He captured them all with sorrow and grace

                      A multi-colored rainbow after a shower of rain
                      A wonder of beauty only God can explain

                      The twinkling of stars on a moon light night
                      A measure of his power on a canvas so bright

                      A tiny, yellow butterfly fresh from its birth
                      A token of his love and a heart full of worth

                      A snow covered mountain standing so high
                      With breathtaking beauty it creates a great sigh

                      The song of a turtle dove at morning's dawn
                      Brings peace and love for everything that's wrong

                     I marvel at the tapestry so beautiful and grand
                     Painted by the master with a gentle, loving hand

                     His canvas of colors are a sight to behold
                     He painted a masterpiece more precious than gold

                     Susie Swanson     Published April 2010


  1. A beautiful picture you painted in words.
    Thank you for sharing Susie,

  2. Lovely images, Susie. God is quite an artist, isn't he. :-)

  3. Thank you Yvonne and Daisy for the nice comments. Wherever we look we see his paintbrush. Thanks again... Susie

  4. Hi Susie, my goodness, you captured so many beautiful thoughts, one right after another. I love the poem, the lines are like vividly painted pictures. I especially love the one about an "old mother's tears". I could feel every line. I hope you have a lovely and restful evening ahead! Delisa :)

  5. Each line brings a true statement, so beautifully worded, it is a must read and read again...
    Well done Susie !
    Yet another award awaits you @ Dodge Writes

  6. Many thanks for your comment on my letter R, I always appreciate coments.


  7. +Thank you Delisa, I'm glad you enjoyed it. There's so many things to see from his hand. I just had to stick that line in there. Thanks again, Susie

    Thank you JL, That really touches my heart and thank you for the award. You're the one that deserves awards. Thanks Again, Susie

    Thank you Yvonne, I love your writing.

  8. You capture the tapestry of life beautiful.

  9. Thank you for this touch of spring and His needed! :) Beautiful.

  10. Awww, thank you Wanda, glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for your nice comments. Susie

    Thank you Lorely, I'm so glad I posted it. It helps me to read your posts. I need it too. Thanks for the nice comments. Susie

  11. Thanks Susie for the most lovely comment,much appreciated,

  12. Susie what a beautiful poem to read first thing in the morning as I did today.
    God really has given us so much to enjoy and your poem certainly captures them all.
    Wanted to wish you a very Happy Easter.

  13. Thank you Yvonne, It is an honor to read your poetry. Susie

    Thank you Maggie for the nice comments. Hope you have a nice Easter too. Susie

  14. What a beautiful poem & I love that picture too! Nice work. :) Happy Easter weekend too!

  15. Thank you snakesmom for your visit and nice comments. Happy Easter to you also...Susie

  16. God's canvas of colors can create many wonderful things!

  17. Thank you Janet, yes they sure can. Susie

  18. Thank you Kathryn for the nice comment and the visit. Susie

  19. The imagery picture and music are wonderful. Great piece.

  20. Thank you Josh for your nice comments and visit.. Susie

  21. Thanks for commenting on my blog I hope to see you back there and I look forward to following your.

  22. Susie what a wonderful poem of Gods hand painted canvas. I love how you take us right there in the beauty.
    Thank you for stopping by and for your kind and gracious words of encouragement.

  23. Susie I always enjoy your poems. I came by to thank you for leaving me such a kind comment about my daughter and myself. I still can't believe this horrible thing happened to her but it did. Hopefully she can get over it without to many issues. It is just something you never forget and Christi is so sweet to everyone I know this has to be hard on her.
    You are really a good friend to come by and leave me such sweet notes
    I appreicate you

  24. Thank you Josh for becoming a follower of my blog and I surely will be a frequent visitor to yours. I love it.

    Thank you so much Beth for your beautiful words. You always have a beautiful inspiring post.

    Thank you Maggie, for coming back. It's terrible what people have to go through, I'm praying that your daughter will get past it somehow. Susie

  25. Loved the poem. This colorful canvas around us makes life all the more captivating and beautiful.
    Keep Writing.
    Monika (
    Check out some of my poetry too. Thanks :)

  26. Thank you Monika for your beautiful comments. I'll be happy to check it out, Susie