Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Age Old Creek

She sits on her side
Of the age old creek
Memories of the other side
Her mind takes a peek

While growing as a child
The days were well spent
It brings tears and a smile
For many years of content

A simple life to roam
So quiet and serene
A wonderful old home
With fields of green

On her side of the creek
It's so different in time
Life's living is sweet
In a fast forward kind

And the age old creek
Will always be a divide
For a past life's retreat
And a present life's pride

Susie Swanson


  1. It is such a pleasure to read your writings... this is yet another that is wonderfully written... LOVE IT Susie !

  2. Very nice poem, Susie. I especially like the ending. Pretty photo too. Reminds me of a creek I played in as a little girl with my brother and sister.

  3. Thank you JL and Daisy, This poem relates to my growing up and my youth.On the other side of the creek there's a road that leads to my old home place where I was raised. The road goes down by my house and across the creek. I played in that creek when I was growing up and I caught the school bus on this side where I live. There's so much history there. I've wrote several poems about it over the years, one paticular poem titled"My Old Homeplace". I may try to put it up sometime. I love writing about the past. Thanks again, Susie

  4. Susie,
    That is beautiful and very visual. I could actually imagine sitting at the creek reminiscing.


  5. Thank you Cathy, I find myself doing that alot.. I find it so peaceful!

  6. I love your poem Susie! It really touched my heart. I love reading poems and stories about the past. I think the past is a special place that needs to be honored and remembered. It is especially important to pass our memories on to the next generation. The stories my Grandpa and parents told me have become a part of the fiber of who I am. There are things we just should never forget, like the beauty of sitting by a creek and reminiscing! Have a nice evening. Delisa :)

  7. Thank you Delisa,I agree there are things about the past that makes us who we are. I'll never forget those stories, they helped to shape my life. I love writing about anything from the past. I believe it helps to keep it alive for future generations. Hope you have a nice evening also. Susie

  8. Hi Susie, Thanks so much for coming to my blog. Please come back anytime.. I am enjoying yours. I don't quilt--but love them. I have one which belonged to my mother which is very special.

    Your poetry is fabulous. I read several of them... Thanks!!!

    I've been through Murphy many times.. Nice little city.

  9. Thank you Betsy, It's so nice of you to come by. I'm so happy to hear that you know where Murphy is. Such a nice surprise. I love your blog and will visit it often. Thank you for the kind words. Hope you have a nice evening. Susie

  10. Took a peek at your blog. I like the photos AND the words!

  11. Loved the words of your poem. I grew up along a creek, too. Played in it and around it many times.

  12. Thank you Gorges and Janet. I played in the little creek a lot growing up, it holds alot of memories for me. Thank you both for stopping by and Gorges take a peek anytime..Susie

  13. Beautiful poem, Susie. Loved your writing!
    Short Poems

  14. Thank you Marinela and thank you for stopping by. Susie