Monday, April 22, 2019

Is it time yet?

Is it time yet mama, can I go barefoot? That was the number one question come spring. We’d see the dogwoods in bloom or the redbud trees and always commence to pull our shoes off. The older people always said wait till the first of May or you’ll catch ye death of cold. I know for a fact my daddy never pulled his long johns off till the first of May. He still wore his long sleeve shirts till mama made him change to short sleeves. He always said he was afraid he’d take cold. It didn’t matter if it got ninety degrees in the shade and in his older years he had such bad circulation that we might see him put his overcoat on in the middle of the summer.

As for going barefoot, when the shoes came off they stayed off all summer long till school started. When we hit the door in the evening, off came the shoes. We’d toughened our feet so and stumped our toes off so bad it was hard to put on a pair of shoes and wear em all day. We walked the paved road so much going to the store or getting milk from the neighbors that we stumped our toes till there was nothing left but a stub.

It wasn’t that we didn’t appreciate a new pair of shoes when school started we just couldn’t stand wearing em and it hurt our stumped toes and calloused feet. We knew we had to make them shoes last as long as possible cause there was no money to run back and forth to the store buying a new pair. The boys were more rough on their shoes than me and my one and only sister which happened to be a lot younger than me was the biggest tomboy to ever come along. She wore out as many pairs as the boys and had her head stuck in something all the time. 

We run through the thickets and briars till our feet were tough as a pine knot. Those mud holes just about did us in. We’d bust every one of those suckers dry and that toe itch was a killer. Mama would say, “don’t complain to me, ye know what did it.” That never stopped us none cause those mud holes were hard to resist.
I never see or hear of a young’un anymore going barefoot and it’s a shame. I even admit in my older years my feet are so tender I can’t stand to walk on the ground to save my life. I walk around barefoot in the house all day long but I gotta have an old pair of flip flops on when I go outside. 

I sure do miss those days of going barefoot even if we wore our feet out and the joys of running through those big, grassy fields will last a life time. And every spring I still hear those words, is it time yet mama, can I pull my shoes off ?

                                             © Susie Swanson, 2019

 Hope you all had a nice Easter. It was a chilly day here but lots of sunshine. Wishing you all a nice week and still praying for lots of folks on here. Blessings, ~Susie~


  1. I can identify with your memories today, Susie! The first of May, Yep, that was the rule! I knew when I could run across the gravel on the driveway that I had toughened up my feet for the summer! It was hard wearing shoes again, I remember. You brought a smile to my face with your wonderful story. God bless you.

  2. Sweet story, Susie. I can't go barefoot anymore either. Walking inside with my socks on is about as close as I come to going barefoot. ;)

  3. Oh Susie, how I love reading your stories of your childhood. We would go barefoot all summer long and yes our feet would toughen up. I remember going done alleys in town and having gravel stick to our feet from the street dept oiling the alleys to keep dust down. Crazy stuff. I can not walk outside without shoes now, no way. I do not even like to wear shoes without kids call me a germ-a -phobe. Praying you are having a great day. I think of you so often and you are always in my prayers. Blessings, xoxo,love you, Susie

  4. I went barefoot sometimes as a kid, but not as much as you did, I don't think. I rarely go barefoot anymore though, even in the house. I enjoyed reading your memories about it.

  5. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter my shoes come off as soon as I get in the house. I have never been a fan of shoes. As a child I was always barefoot out side but as age came on I got more tenderfooted. I can't do the most of outdoors. I do love taking the shoes off outside and walking for a little bit in the grass, just to get that feel. It feels amazing.

  6. ME TOO! I went barefoot every day of life when I was a kid-in the summer. Even when my kids were little I went and pregnant with 4 little ones-lol. I do go barefoot quite a bit in the summer but nothing like I used to do when I was young. My feet are much more tender than years ago when the bottoms were like leather. GREAT post, Susie! xo Diana

  7. Susie,
    This is a wonderful posting and brings back many happy memories of the good old days in the mountains. I recall going barefooted and stumping my toes on rocks. That sure did hurt, but we kids couldn't wait until it was time to go barefooted.

    You know now some people say it's good for us to go barefooted that someway the bare feet absorb the energy of the earth and helps to eliminate joint pain. I don't know, but this sure was a great story.