Friday, May 11, 2018

My Mother's Hands.

Not because of silver and gold
Not because of jeweled bands
Not just because they're soft and bold
Did I love my mother's hands

But because those hands once held me
tenderly close to her breast
and because those hands would point me
to the path she knew was best

My mother's hands so gladly labored
her hands were seldom still
never seeking her own self or favored
giving always her free will

But the thing with so much beauty
as she tended to each care
was her source of strength for duty
my mother's hands were hands of prayer

And my mother's hands would teach me
what is right and what is wrong
always willing to help me be
the person she raised to be strong

No matter how far I would travel
or how great the sights or grand
there was nothing to make me marvel
like my mother's tired hands

Praying hands can reach her children
when they've gone so far away
a mother knows that God will reach them
as she folds her hands to pray

Oh how I miss my mother's hands
as she lives with the angels today
I'd cross oceans, hills and other lands
just to see her again and hear her pray

But knowing she's in a heavenly place
where mothers are a chosen kind
her hands a flower with a flower's grace
gives me such hope and peace of mind

Till then I'll wait for that gentle touch
and listen to her prayers in the wind
in my heart I'll hold and tightly clutch
till I see my beautiful mother again

© Susie Swanson, 2018

Happy Mother's Day !!


  1. My mother's hands were work roughened, but still so soft and loving. Thank you for this. It's beautiful!

  2. This poem is so beautiful and reminds me of my own Mother. Thank you for sharing this with us. Happy Mother's Day

  3. Susie, Thank you for posting this beautiful poem of yours. I guess maybe all mothers have things in your poem made me think of my mother and how much I love her still. Blessings to you this coming Mother's day. May you fell loved and cherished. xoxo, love, Susie

  4. This poem is beautiful, Susie. You chose just the right words. I hope you had a nice Mother's Day.

  5. What a touching poem, Susie. It is so beautiful!

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