Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Boy And His Grandpa

A boy and his grandpa
Out to conquer the world
Traveling this way and that
Like falling leaves that swirl

The boy listened so close
He hung on every word
Grandpa was always right
So many things he heard

Come, I’ll show you son
The things that I have done
Always hold your head high
Nothing in life do you shun

Never forget where you came
No matter where you go
You’re smart as a whip son
More so than you know

Now let’s go fishing awhile
Don’t forget your pole
I’ll show you a trick or two
At that old fishing hole

Awe, look at that garden
Those taters sure did grow
You did a fine job son
None missing in either row

How about some supper
It’ll be dark real soon
I’ve been looking forward
To catching that big coon
Feed your dogs good son
It’s time to hit the trail
Don’t forget your lantern
That coon’s waited quite a spell

Awe, listen to the dogs now
They’ve picked up his scent
Tonight’s the very night
That old coon is well spent

Shine your light high son
Up in that big oak tree
Can you see his eyes
He’s waiting so patiently

 We’ve finally got us a coon
And he’s a fine one too
But we better get a move on
The time sure has grew

We need to head on home now
Time to hit the old tic
Your mama will have my hide
Where’s my walking stick

Well I do declare
For once I left it behind
Let’s gather up the dogs
That coon’s still on their mind

The fishing hole is still there
The lantern hangs on a nail
Grandpa is now gone
So many memories to dwell

© Susie Swanson, 2016

Dedicated to my son and his Pawpaw

Happy New Year's Everyone!!


  1. Hi Susie, I love this poem...I can feel it. That bond and that longing. Your poetry has a way of touching one's heart. Love you Susie. Wishing you and yours a better new year , one of peace and strength. xoxo, Susie

  2. This is a sweet poem about the special bond between a boy and his grandpa, Susie. Well done! Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with good health, love, happiness, and many blessings.

  3. Or about a girl and her Grandpa,thank you for this awesome poem. And may all good things come to you in 2017