Friday, February 19, 2016

Let Us Not Forget

                                                   Let us not forget the ancient wisdom
                                                   With which our ancestors walked their days
                                                   Let us carry on with great determination
                                                   With a grateful heart, to God we give the praise

                                                   Let us not forget the mountains they climbed
                                                   In the darkest valleys where they found light
                                                   Footprints are abundant down every path
                                                   All of their yesterdays can be found in plain sight

                                                   Let us not forget the sound of their voice
                                                   In the distance they are still calling us home
                                                   The place where many a prayer was heard
                                                   Shaping our tomorrows until we were grown

                                                   Let us not forget the love that was given
                                                   All under the same roof, each night at bed
                                                   The teachings of God's word, the Bible
                                                   Food for our body and soul, we were always fed

                                                   Let us not forget the many sacrifices made
                                                   Working from sun up until sun down
                                                   The love of family, there's no boundaries
                                                   How proud we must be of them, so profound

                                                   Let us not forget the place from which we came
                                                   May our hearts stay humble and proud
                                                   And listen to the wisdom of all the ages
                                                   Can you hear....... the echoes are calling so loud

                                                               © Susie Swanson,2016


  1. I won't forget my ancestors, Susie. They are a part of us in all that we do. Lovely poem, dear.

    Have a pleasant weekend.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. Nicely written poem, Susie. It is so important for us to remember those who went before us. Pretty photo too! Have a nice weekend!

  3. Susie, We should all remember from where we came. Good or bad. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. I can and do. It's close to my heart. ox

  5. Yes, the voices are still clear. Thank you for another great post!