Monday, April 20, 2015

God Took A Century

My heart begins to flutter relentlessly
As I see your gracious beauty there
Flowing so swiftly with wings in flight
Down, down with such a flare

You are as old as time itself
Falling constantly upon your way
Splashing, splashing upon the rocks
I feel the whisper of your spray 

Your foaming beard looks like white hair
Waves of splendor I question why
To understand your lengthened time
Your hidden secrets fall and die

Young as the morning and just as old
Ageless, timeless you surely belong
To remain unchanged and ever remain
You lift my heart in joy and song

None shall ever come to know
 From the twisted paths you came
Or the places where you have been
Only you can know or will ever claim

Restless and wild, a part of nature’s best
Filled with the sounds prop’s an open door
For a waterfall’s basic freedom to be
There’s nothing quite like it ever before

I stand here breathless up above
Watching your sure course to the sea
Of sight, sound and beauty seen
To make such a thing God took a century

© Susie Swanson, 2015

 I don't know the exact location of the photo at the top but just know it's located somewhere in the North Georgia Mountains near where I live. Perhaps my sweet Blogger friend Betsy from "Joyful Reflections" Blog may know since she loves waterfalls and has visited so many. I'm so intrigued by them myself and think they surely are a magnificent creation from our Heavenly Father. 

Update, I'll be going back to my Thyroid Doctor tomorrow (Tuesday) to have more Labwork done and possibly be raised up more on my Meds. My Gallbladder surgery is scheduled for the third time next week, (30th ).. I will be very shocked if they're able to do it since I'm still running quite low (Hypothyroid). It's really getting to me now and It's taking every ounce of my strength to hang on. But, God has this and it will all be taken care of in his time, not mine. Many thanks for all the prayers and your sweet words of encouragement. Sometimes we feel like giving up but that small voice tells us to keep hanging on. God is our only hope and rock to which we can lean on. I will update more later when I can. God Bless, ~Susie


  1. Such a beautiful poem. It fills me with wonder at how beautiful the world is if we will just look. I hope all will go well with your surgery. My daughter, Dawn, is fighting her own thyroid battle among all her other health issues.

    1. Thank you Susie. i feel the same way and I'm so sorry about your daughter. It breaks my heart to hear of just one person going through this nightmare. Prayers are going up for her.

  2. More beautiful words from you, Susie, and HUGS for you.

  3. Beautiful poem, as always, Susie. You are right - there is something timeless about a waterfall, and something so majestic. I am always inspired by them - though there are not many to be found in this area.

    Believing with you for a good report, my friend. Our God is faithful!

  4. I am really drawn to the waterfalls too, Susie. Whenever I see one, I am just in awe. What a nice poem to reflect the graceful waterfall, and such a pretty picture to show its beauty.

    Have a blessed week.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. Thank you so much Sheri. Hope you have a nice week as well.

  5. You have written such a beautiful poem about a waterfall that just describes it so right. A lot of us get attracted to waterfalls, but the way you describe is beautiful Thanks.

  6. Susie, I wish I lived nearer, so I could help you out when you have the surgery. I hope you can get it and get back to being yourself. I am sending prayers and hugs to you. My daughter Karen has her thyroid taken out may the 1st...I am kind of scared for her. I know God is in charge and ever so I have to ask him to hold her safe in his hands. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

    1. Awww, thank you so much Susie. I appreciate that kind gesture so much but you will be needed when she has it taken out. I wish her all the best and sending up prayers for her. Blessings to you and her, xo

  7. Beautiful poem and photo, Susie. Thinking of you.