Tuesday, February 10, 2015

In Her Corner Of The World

She came from humble beginnings
A place she grew, learned and loved so
Across many mountains, hills and valleys
There was nary a trail she never came to know

Where a simple, little home became a mansion
And laughter sounds a stronger note than tears
Still holds their rhythm in the scheme of life
 In the wind’s sweet insistence from yesteryears

How many childhood days did she play and run
So happy and carefree through those ancient fields
Feeling the wind and rain brushing against her face
So many praises rise above for the joy it still yields

When she closes her eyes she can still see it clear
And hear the humming of the little, honey bees
Under crab apple trees that still bloom in the spring
She faintly smells the perfumed, petal rippling breeze

And the gathering of family around the fire at night
So many cherished memories still fresh in her mind
A father telling his life stories to each of his young
A mother sewing on quilts, a sure legacy left behind

An old oil lamp sits in the window, guiding her path
Leading her onward to that little mansion home
Where the door is open and the light shines bright
She steps inside to a welcome, the best she’s known

Those familiar voices she hears are music to her ears
Gathered around the table, giving blessings galore
The simple, little things in life, are the best of wealth
Even a bowl of milk and bread is worth so much more

Many seasons have come and gone like yesterday’s wind
 The memories will always be close beside all of her days
For the pleasures of this world is found only in the heart
Perhaps across some shadowy valley or ridge, in joyful ways

 And when she is bearing a load up some steep hillside
Familiar echoes are there, pulling her homeward bound
The cool, mountain air upon her face is still just as fresh
Yet still the earth beneath the paths lie packed and brown

A cool drink of water straight from a mountain spring
Where the mountain still hold its kingdom and crown
Crystal, clear waters flow from it’s downward sloping
Can quench a thirsty soul better than any to be found

She’ll never forget where she came and where she’s been
Or the many miles while spreading her wings to fly
 Trying to find the end of a rainbow takes an eternity
But the gold lies within her heart underneath the same sky

In her corner of the world the mountains are her legacy
She never knows what lies beyond a hilltop but delight
For the things that cause memories to awaken her soul
She so yearns for, she shall sit down and write and write

© Susie Swanson, 2015


  1. Oh, so true! I really like this one. A simple home with love is so much better than any castle or grand estate without love.


  2. I come from Va., and at one point we lived in a log cabin in the woods with outdoor plumbing ;-) paths, woods, animals snakes, and memories that still last ager all this time.

  3. Beautifully written... Such wonderful memories you/we have... Money and a fancy home or car is not what is important. It's all about LOVE, isn't it???? God Bless.


  4. Well done, Susie. It really is the simple things that are the most important. I can tell this is really a heartfelt poem.

  5. Susie, Your poems let us see how you grew up. They let us know the thankfulness in your heart. Thank you for this poem. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. Take care.

  6. You are so grateful that your poem reflects your emotions. I hope that you are feeling better now.

  7. This is great, Susie! You surely have wonderful memories.

  8. In the wind’s sweet insistence from yesteryears you have cherished your past memories so sweetly with awesome lines pouring out from your heart..SMILES:))

  9. Lovely, Susie! So enjoyable to read your poems and the memories you share. Hugs and blessings to you!