Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Beneath The Fog

                                                      She walks through the blinding fog
                                                      it engulfs her morning stroll
                                                      Her mind is stuck in marsh and mud
                                                      waiting for something to unfold

                                                      Underneath the shrouded veil
                                                      lies a poem waiting for wings
                                                      To take flight in earnest sail
                                                      in the midst of misty dreams

                                                      Each voice she hears, echoes back
                                                      whispering in the brisk breeze
                                                      Like bells along the aerial track
                                                      amidst the flutter of leaves

                                                      Her heart beat is dancing strong
                                                      soul searching for each rhyme
                                                      Through the dense pathway on
                                                      The bells are beginning to chime

                                                      Drawing her ever so close by
                                                      beneath the fog and bitter rain
                                                      She pulls the sun from bending sky
                                                      her muse plants each tiny grain

                                                      The shadows of mere words
                                                      bounce upon the ground
                                                      Awakens the morning birds
                                                      as silver rays are shining down
                                                      A perfect foggy morning beams
                                                      although words are hard to find
                                                      In the pathway of misty dreams
                                                      Inspiration is never far behind

                                                       © Susie Swanson, 2015

Yep, this is the way I feel right now folks. I'm at a loss for words and left with nothing but memory fog. I haven't had the mindset to write much at all and it's no wonders. Between dealing with trying to get balanced out with Thyroid Meds. after my Thyroidectomy and my long time Stomach Problems rearing their ugly head, it's a wonder I've got any brain left at all. I want to try so bad and I get on the computer to write and the next thing I know I'm miserable. So.. I'll wait it out and hope for better days ahead and the Fog will have lifted FINALLY... Blessings to all of you. ~Susie


  1. Goodness, Susie...This is some of your best stuff! I thought I was reading a classic poem written a hundred years ago...Such beautiful imagery. It must be true that out of hardship, the soul produces much beauty.
    I do pray you feel better very soon...I know what it is not to feel like yourself.
    May tomorrow be sunny and clear~In Jesus~Amen

  2. With bowed head and heavy heart, Dear Lord, please heal Susie. In Jesus' name, Amen.

  3. Susie, this poem is beautiful. Really I think it is one of your best ever. I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well and hope you soon feel well again.

  4. Susie, this is a good poem. It's a bit different from your usual, but you are not the same you that you were. ;) You will find your true voice and once again bless us with more and more of your wonderful poems. Praying God's healing virtue flows through every part of your mind and body, in Jesus' Name.
    Hugs and lots of love, my friend.

  5. Susie, I am curious about your mind fog. My daughter Lizzy, had thyroid cancer, then got breast cancer...she had chemo....I never know if her meds are correct...she has bad foggy days at times. Some one once called it chemo brain. I pray for you as I do my daughter. I would so love for her not to be confused so often. Blessings dear friend. xoxo,Susie