Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Most Aged

                                    They are a timeless treasure
                                    sitting in an old rocking chair
                                    no amount of time can measure
                                    the silver, gray in their hair

                                    Much knowledge fills their soul
                                    and flows from the most wise
                                    worth more than mountains of gold
                                    shining through crystal, clear eyes

                                    With a face that's wrinkled and worn
                                     joy still finds room to abide
                                     for lost years they've never mourned
                                     and happiness still sits by their side

                                     Their thoughts are never at end
                                      to a time long since past
                                      time has become their friend
                                      with much prayer it will surely last

                                      Burdens they have carried long
                                      in life they continue to steer
                                      embracing the world with a song
                                      refusing to make room for fear

                                     They've known hardships in life
                                     and worked their hands to the bone
                                     no stranger to struggles and strife
                                     just thankful for the light of dawn

                                     Advice may be to much for some
                                     and floats like the weight of a feather
                                     it should be taken as fast as it comes
                                     and hand and hand walk together

                                     Twice a child and once a man
                                      that's how the saying goes
                                      the most aged are priceless and grand
                                      the heart of a child surely grows

                                      When the curtain of time does fall
                                      as the body grows weary and tired
                                      the empty chair will be left for all
                                      and the path to follow will be hard

                                      © Susie Swanson, 2014



  1. Beautiful, Susie! I think I'm about to reach the age of "twice a child" :)

  2. This poem has expressed the beauty of aging that we seldom see otherwise. Thanks for sharing and also thanks for making us all feel valuable as we age.

  3. How beautiful, Susie! The aged are not nearly as valued in our society as they deserve. Thank you for being a voice for them. We all are getting older each day. One day, Lord willing, WE will be those aged ones.

  4. Susie, Such beautiful truth in this poem. I wish that I had gleaned more from the older people I knew growing up. More and more I am becoming the older generation. My siblings and I. I hope some of the young I know will appreciate a bit of wisdom I may pass their way. Blessings , so hope you are doing better. xoxo,Susie

  5. What a beautiful poem, Susie! There is a lot of wisdom in it too. Hope you have a nice weekend!

  6. Susie,
    This is a heart-warming poem. I was really touched by the beautiful words and great descriptions of the aged. Awesome poem!

  7. Hello Susie, greetings.

    Fantastic poem. Yes, I agree with you= THEY HAVE SEEN MUCH HARDSHIP-
    However, the present generation has not experienced those hardships and they have too much leisure time at their disposal with the invention of computer, electronic gadgets, ready to cook food, grinding machine, washing machine, TV and so on. Time have changed. Best wishes