Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Old Country Store

She’s seen many a season come and go 
That old country store was one of a kind
Those big welcome doors were always open
It was the place to go and buy on time

A watering hole for the community
Meeting up with the locals was a daily trend
They traded many stories and bartered too
A way of life they all came to depend

A weekly, anticipated trip to the that old store
To pick up supplies or pay on a bill
Was a pleasure that could never be denied
To everyone that came, it was certainly a big deal

 Wagons carried chickens, eggs and cream
That good homemade butter was the best of all
For a pound of coffee, sugar, a sack of flour
They were all in it for the long haul

Many rabbits came straight from the traps
In exchange for tobacco or a Christmas gift
Those big bolts of yard goods looked so good
To the women folks, their spirits did lift

Oh how those candy jars stood out the most
Sitting on the counter so large and tall
That array of penny candy sure looked tasty
Plenty of children would still recall

Or those big barrels sitting in the corner
Filled with pickles, potatoes or seed
With a little extra money in the pockets
A chance for some much needed chicken feed

That old pot bellied stove sitting in the middle
 Became a familiar sight for all to see
Always surrounded by plenty of chairs
And the famous spittoon and its popularity

And that old building acquired so many names
The local post office was in the back
Many jobs for the proprietor surely did grow
Even an undertaker, nothing did he lack

That weathered old building gave so much
A useful, old place where wonders never cease
Where skills became plentiful for pulling teeth
Or when the need arose, justice of the peace

The welcome sign was always there
From the time they entered till closing of day
 A busy, old place filled with warmth and cheer
Open Monday through Saturday, closed on Sunday

Now it sits empty and feels so all alone
Knowing things will never be like it was before
Where many came and went and the living was good
And anything could be found at the old country store

© Susie Swanson, 2014

May you all have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!!


  1. Hi There, I love old country stores. Even in today's world, I love to go to small towns and search for the old country stores. There are always so many interesting 'things' in those stores....As a little girl, our little country store sold something called Rock Candy... I would take my pennies and buy some.... AHHH---such wonderful memories.

    Great post..... Hope you are feeling GREAT now.

    1. Yes i loved that rock Candy Betsy. They also carried what we called Wax candy and I love the orange slices. They can still be found in stores. I remember saving my pennies too. Thank you so much and Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Country stores always have so many interesting things for sale. They are fun to visit. This poem has so many memories. Nicely written, Susie.

  3. I remember the old country store in our community. The most vivid memory is of the box (?) full of chipped ice and the sweet drinks inside, which we were allowed to buy on our way home from Decoration Day. You've stirred up lots of memories with this one, Susie..

    1. Yes I remember the soda cooler and it was awesome to be able to walk in there and get an ice cold soda , especially on hot days. Great memories you have there. Thank you so much.

  4. Susie, I am sure my mother would remember a store as this. But myself even as a young married...we ran a tab at two small groceries before. Not at the same time.. Just that those two stores would let you if they knew you had a job and lived in Tipton. I loved those store owners and miss they have all gone on . I still see one store owners' twin daughter out and about every now and then. I tell them I wish I could shop at their dad's store...they say they do too. Bless them all. Lil Red Hen said that about the soda cooler...To us it was a cooler when the door slid open you would reach in and get a soda and the ice/water would be so cold it would freeze up to your elbow. We had a bottling shop in our town, called Ertels. They made sodas of all flavors and colors. Cost a nickel. Now those were the good old days. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

    1. Aww, awesome memories you have Susie. I remember the store keepers so well myself. One in particular even pulled teeth. Blessings to you as well. xo