Sunday, October 5, 2014

Old Timey Meetins

I don’t reckon I’ve ever been in any better church meetings than when I was a young girl and we went to those spirit filled revivals and singings. The whole church house would rock from the preaching, shouting and singing. They were called meetins back then and everybody for miles around packed in those little churches and it was standing room only if one was lucky. A lot of the time most folks would just stand outside and listen.

I’ll never forget the night the Lord spoke to my heart. It was during one of those old, timey meetins that I hit that altar faster than a cat could lick. I was 13 years old and remember it as if it was yesterday. I got baptized in a little swimming hole called the Tadpole Hole.  In that moment in time my life surely changed and it gets sweeter by the day.

We had to walk to get to most of em but that didn’t sway anyone from going. Very few people owned a vehicle and there wasn’t many on the roads. 
I started out walking with my grandma when I was very young. There wasn’t any roads that were to long or wide for her to hoof it on. She was a shoutin woman for sure. She’d shout the hills out come Decoration Day and Dinner on the ground, and when we’d get in one of them kind of meetins she never stopped from the time she walked through the door, never knew when to hush. Mama and daddy went when they could but it was hard on em with a whole gang of kids to drag along.

After my grandma passed away things changed. More folks got a vehicle and were able to haul their families to church. My daddy loved a good old, timey spiritual singing better than anything. When he found out where one was gonna be, he’d always ask me if I wanted to go with him. Needless to say, me and daddy went to a lot of singings together.
He’d put on his Sunday go to meetin clothes which always consisted of his best pair of overalls, best shirt and his cap of course and his polished and shiny slippers.

 Daddy loved to run his mouth outside the church and knew everybody there and they knew him but when he entered the door and pulled his cap off he became a different man. I enjoyed those singings but I enjoyed watching daddy’s reactions too. He’d get in such a way and so caught up in that spiritual singing that it touched my heart so much and oh what joy just to see that smile come upon his face and watch him shake his leg , pat his foot or take his old cap and slap it against his legs. He really enjoyed it so much and had his own way of praising the Lord.

We’d go far and near in that old truck of his, didn’t matter what church or affiliation. He didn’t care how big the crowd was or how small, he made himself at home.
My grandma had her way and daddy had his way but I sure did enjoy going to those old timey, meetins and good, spiritual singings with daddy.

A lot of things have changed over the years but there’s still plenty of singings around and every time I go to one I think of daddy and can just see him there with that big smile, pattin his foot and slapping his cap against his legs. I know he’s there in spirit and enjoying it as much as me. I can only imagine the many singings he’s enjoying in heaven each day and mama’s right there beside him and they’ve both got a big smile on their face. I’ll see you both real soon, save a place for me in the front right beside both of you

                                       © Susie Swanson


  1. Wonderful memories, Susie! It sounds like these were some very special times that you shared with your Grandma and your Dad.

  2. I had a similar childhood with church meetings every Sunday, singing conventions, decoration day, baptizing in the creeks. Maybe this is the reason I feel a closeness to you without even knowing your personally. But someday ... I'll shake your hand.

    1. Thank you Charlotte. I feel the same about you. Cherished memories we hold so dear.

  3. Oh what a joyful time it will be when you find yourself standing there between your folks singing with the Lord himself!
    So much to look forward to when we get to heaven!
    I always picture heaven differently than most painting and books show...I see it as a warm and cozy place surrounded with the most vivid autumn colors...with music and people singing everywhere. Your post today fits right into my vision of heaven!
    I was baptized in a swimming hole too. We had to walk about a mile into the woods, and it sure was cold! But we all sat around a big bonfire and sang hymns to warm up... One of the best days of my life!

    1. Amen, what a wonderful time it was. We all share our own memories and they make our hearts grow more fond of those days we hold so dear. Thank you so much Lisa.

  4. Oh---the good-ole-days!!! I miss 'em so much!!!! Things are just not the same these days.. Kinda sad --seeing the way our country has changed.. So many people want to take God out of EVERYTHING.. Yet--that is what our country was totally based on.... Grieves me..

    I remember going to church --and singing all of the old hymns (that our grandchildren don't even know these days)... I loved revivals and just good ole' Singing Conventions... So many wonderful memories...

    You had a fantastic family, Susie. It's great that you can put all of those memories down on paper. God Bless You.

  5. Oh Susie, this was wonderful, indeed. I smiled when you talked about your dad asking you to go sing with him at the church. He must have felt close to you to ask. It reminds me of when my dad took me places also. I even went hunting with him during the hunting season. You surely had a lot of love and understanding in your family, and your mom and dad sound like wonderful people. It's nice that you have fond memories of them. What a great story, Susie. I can just see your dad dancing away while singing at the church meetings.


  6. Sweet, sweet memories, Susie. Thank you for sharing them with us. What a time we will have when we get where they've gone!

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  8. Susie,
    I love your posting about the old-time, spirit-filled meetings. I love the description of your grandma and your daddy. This brings back many memories of the old-fashioned church singing and revivals I used to attend in the mountains. I really enjoyed reading this a lot. These are indeed "Precious Memories."

  9. Susie, I think back in the "old days", people may have been closer to God. We didn't have so many outside influences. We went to church for a social live back then , along with our worshiping. I miss those times very much. xoxo,Susie

  10. Thanks for sharing the great memories, Susie! The photo reminds me of similar sights on our recent Vermont trip.