Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Glory Of Morning

                                                     They appear in the morning
                                                      In the early mist of dawn
                                                      In all their splendid glory
                                                      Sitting on their throne

                                                      Growing beside the blue bells
                                                      The asters are misty with dew
                                                      Even the black eyed Susan's
                                                      Bow down to them too

                                                      The daisies are so excited
                                                      Snow white with glee
                                                      Such beauty so dominate
                                                      Streaming so elegantly

                                                      Each little passion flower
                                                      Blows kisses in the wind
                                                      Along side the cone flower
                                                      A welcoming transcend

                                                      Even the blue eyed grass
                                                      Grows more proud and tall
                                                      Trying to over shadow
                                                      Each forget me not call

                                                      Those lovely fringed orchids
                                                      Sway their fancy dress
                                                      An orchestra of cattails
                                                      A glorious concert at best

                                                      The cosmos are so happy
                                                      In their own hemisphere
                                                      Among a haven of paradise
                                                      So loudly, they cheer

                                                      Each morning is perfection
                                                      In the bright sunlight
                                                      Even the evening primrose
                                                      Wakes up thinking of night

                                                      Those pretty, little wine cups
                                                      Raise their cup so high
                                                      A toast to such creation
                                                      In the midst of beauty nigh

                                                      Even the reigning queen
                                                      Of Solomon in all his glory
                                                      The lilies of the field
                                                      Stand and bow accordingly

                                                      Climbing, climbing more high
                                                      On a glorious summer stroll
                                                      Those beautiful morning glories
                                                      What a sight to behold
                                                       © Susie Swanson, 2014

This is a Repost from last year but I hope ya'll enjoy... I'm so sorry I haven't been around much. Still having health issues. Some days I just lay around. They're still checking out my glands one at a time. That's what it feels like. LOL.. I miss ya'll and will be around to visit soon as possible. God Bless, Susie.



  1. So beautiful Susie!
    I hope the doctors find out what is wrong and that you feel better soon!

  2. This is a lovely poem, Susie. I love Morning Glories. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  3. Morning glories are beautiful, but they're one of those plants that can become "one too many!" lol For instance, there seems to be a thousand under my blueberry bush, and I'll have a fight all summer to keep them under control. I love the way you included so many other lovely flowers in the poem.

    I know you must be frustrated with the health issues. Still praying some light will be shed on the cause.

    1. Thanks Charlotte. I sure hope you can get them under control. They do take over after a while..

  4. You really speak for the flowers, Susie. This is beautiful. Hope you're up to full strength real soon!!

  5. Susie, I grew a blue morning glory last year. It grew right up a guy wire at the power pole. I meant to get one out this year...but I found the seeds yesterday...too late. Hope you are feeling well and enjoying some wonderful summer weather. xoxo,Susie