Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Grandma's Apron

The principle use of grandma’s apron
Was mostly to protect her dress underneath
Since she only had a few flour sack dresses
They had to do and were scarce as hen’s teeth 

Many a time it served as a quick potholder
Grabbing those cathead biscuits and hot pans
That old apron was used for everything
Including drying off her wrinkled and useful hands

It carried many apples from the apple trees
It was wonderful for drying children’s tears
An ideal hiding place for a kid when company came
On occasion it was used for cleaning dirty ears

So much kindling was carried with that apron
 Over a woodstove, it wiped many a perspiring brow
When supper was ready she’d stand on the porch
Fanning her apron till the men laid down their plow

Awe, so many eggs it brought from the hen’s nests
And apples that fell from the trees in the fall
When unexpected company was coming up the road
In five seconds flat, there was no dust at all

It carried in many vegetables from the garden
Carried out the bean strings and pea hulls too
She used it to sit her hot pies on the window sill
The uses continued to mount, oh how they grew

There will never be an apron quite as handy
As the one left hanging behind the kitchen door
And grandma’s voice still lingers so fresh
Here’s ya a few pennies from my snuff pocket once more

© Susie Swanson, 2014

Hope ya'll don't think I've forgot you. I sure have missed visiting your posts but maybe soon I'll be back to stay. I went to a Gland Specialist today and she's checking all of my glands out. I'll not go into specifics but I'll say this, I sure do dread trying to fill each of those big gallon jugs on three separate occasions in the bathroom. LOL..
I'll try and visit ya'll soon as possible and Please don't give up on me. Many thanks to all for the emails, Prayers, comments and sweet words of encouragement. May God Bless, Susie


  1. Susie, this is a wonderful poem!
    Prayers for you!!

  2. Very meaningful poem, Susie! I don't wear an apron, but almost wish I did so my grandchildren would have such memories.

    I'm remembering you in my prayers.

  3. Get better soon, Susie! I love old aprons, in fact I have a big collection of them. I remember my Grandma wearing one all the time. Happy Mother's Day!

    1. thank you Janet and I'd love to see your collection.

  4. Dear Friend, NEVER will I give up on you. And the same back..I know I am always late. xox Get well.

  5. How wonderful it is that you remember Grandma's apron. You know, I have a few doilies that my Grandmother crocheted, and I will keep them always. It's funny how we remember the most simple things like your Grandma's apron that would wipe away tears, and hold the eggs from the hen's nest. Such a heartwarming poem today.

    Happy Mother's Day, Susie. I hope you do all the things you love.


    1. Thank you Sheri. I would love to see your doilies as well.

  6. I absolutely love this picture too. :~)

  7. Those aprons WERE magical almost, weren't they! So good to see you here again.
    Hugs and lots of love and prayers heading your way.

  8. Susie, This poem is so true. I wish I had an apron of my grandmother's. Blessings to you and yours....Hope your Mother's Day is filled with love. xoxo,Susie

    1. Thank you Susie. Blessings to you and your family as well.

  9. What a lovely poem!

    Sending healing thoughts in your direction Susie. Happy Mother's Day and hugs to you across the miles:)

  10. Sweet poem about some wonderful memories, Susie. I hope the doctor can figure out how to help you so you are feeling better soon. Have a nice weekend!

  11. I never thought about all the uses of an apron--my goodness, how do women do without them? Beautifully expressed, Susie.

    I loved our visit to your area and hope we can come back one day--and meet you! We felt right at home down there :)

  12. I remember my Grandma's apron...she loved to bake, and kept everything in the pockets, as well as safety pins clipped to it...(always a need for a safety pin)!
    Praying for you, sweet friend...and of course we would never give up on you!
    Blessings and love~ Lisa