Monday, March 24, 2014

Barbed Wire And Roses

                                                      The beauty is twined along the fence
                                                      Where roses grow amidst the wire
                                                       Across the green meadow
                                                       In greenbrier

                                                      They appear in spring so luminous
                                                      Kissed by the morning dew
                                                      In sweet insistent wind
                                                      Refreshing and new

                                                      One single red rose among the thorns
                                                      Placed with love and certainty
                                                      A rose of crimson red
                                                      Bright and lovely

                                                      A young girl's heart is mesmerized
                                                      For a thing of beauty so strong
                                                      She stands breathless
                                                      Such beauty strewn

                                                      Across the years and distant shore
                                                      My grandma smiles upon me
                                                      The red roses she placed
                                                      Lives in my heart
                                                      Through eternity

                                                      What shall we leave behind when gone
                                                      For those who follow behind
                                                      Twined in barbed wire
                                                      Roses so divine

                                                      © Susie Swanson, 2014

It's that time of year again . Time to watch for grandma's roses to take a bow. She planted them many years ago clear across the community. Up and down the roadsides, in the fields, tangled in the old barbed wire fences, anywhere and everywhere she could stick a sprout. They've thinned out over the years but there's enough left to find when they are in bloom. I have some in my yard along with lots of the other neighbors. Her Rose Legacy lives on and what a beautiful Legacy it is.  Hope ya'll are enjoying the few and far between spring days. Blessings, Susie.


  1. Susie, What a beautiful thing for your grandmother to do. I should do that with my mom's lilac bushes. I brought two bunches here to the farm and last year they finally bloomed.My mom will be gone 8 years this coming Sept. If I move from here I'll take some with me. The people who bought my mom's old house cut those lilacs down and they had been there for 55 years!!!! Hope you are having some good weather. We are to get some snow tomorrow. and it was 60 the other day. LOL Blessings, xoxo,Susie

    1. Thank you Susie. I would do that with those Lilacs. I hate to see anything especially flowers destroyed and people seem to do that more and more. I'm so sorry to hear ya'll are still getting snow. I hope it doesn't stick and moves out quickly. Hugs to you, xo

  2. What your grandma has done is called " Sawab - e - Jaria in my culture. It means continuous blessings. Your Grandma has done a fabulous job for plant life and for humans at the same time. Now you are doing the same with your poetry.

  3. What a beautiful legacy to leave. My grandmother had roses like those. I love the big bushy ones.

    1. Thank you Janet. I bet they were so beautiful. I love the bushy ones as well.

  4. So beautiful Susie, the words and the roses!

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  6. **I deleted the other post because when I read it over there were too many spelling errors! Sorry :) Lets start again:

    Hi Susie this post is so beautiful! How wonderful to be able to see those roses still blooming. What a sweetheart your grandma was to do that! I just love people who go out and purposely plant beauty. This is a true story: I know it sounds like a fairytale, but it really did happened. My grandma was like your grandma, she loved flowers and she always had them growing. She died when I was only five, but I still have such vivid memories of all the flowers. Well anyway, we used to live next door to Grandma and Grandpa, out in the farm country in California. He was a retired grapefruit and orange grower. We left and moved to the city when my Dad got a job flying as a stunt pilot for 20th. Century Fox movie studio. The month before Grandpa died, she planted some bulbs under our lemon tree in the backyard of our new home. They never sprouted, until ten years later. It was the anniversary of Grandma's death and we were all feeling sad and talking about her. My Dad went out side and the pink Lilies were in full bloom under the lemon tree and they grew back every year after that. It is such a happy memory. Well I am going to go to sleep my friend before my eyes close. I hope you have a good night's rest too. Don't let the bed bugs bite! With Love, Delisa :

    1. Awe, thank you Delisa. What sweet memories you have. Those Lilies wer put there to give all of you so much joy and smiles each year along with your sweet memories. That made me smile just thinking about them.I hope you had a nice restful night as well. Love and hugs

  7. There are white roses and pink roses that bloom along fence rows here. I don't know if they were planted by someone or if they are just wild. Either way, they are pretty and smell good.

    1. Thank you Charlotte. They may have been planted there by some of the older people. I bet they are gorgeous.

  8. That is a beautiful legacy for your grandmother to have left behind! How delightful it must be for you to see so much of her love of beauty all around the area.

    1. Thank you Elaine. They sure do bring lots of joy.

  9. Blessings.....
    what lovely roses, enlightening poem.
    Just came by from Beth's place, thought i'd say a happy hello and wish you a splendid week.


  10. I remember you writing about her roses in the past. They are so beautiful, I know you are looking forward to seeing them bloom again. Let's hope this snow didn't damage them...we got a couple inches overnight and are expecting more this afternoon...

    Spring, Spring, come on Spring...

    1. Thank you Lise. I figured ya'll would get more than we would. I'm hoping it hasn't damaged the tender stuff. We got a big freeze this morning. Hugs, xo

  11. Such a lovely rose bush and wonderful poem, Susie. The roses are a very sweet remembrance left to you by your grandmother.

  12. Hi there, We are back from ANOTHER trip. This time we were in Georgia checking out yet another waterfall... Check my blog today when you get a chance.

    Great poem---and I'm glad that your Grandma's Roses are still living and blooming for you... I'm sure that she is smiling down on you when those beauties bloom.

    Have a great weekend.

  13. Hi stranger, I can't keep up with you all. I can't wait to see what you have for us. Many thanks.