Friday, February 14, 2014

Look And You Will Find

                                             It blossoms in rare form
                                             so graceful and tenderly
                                             engulfs the strongest heart
                                             with flames of purity

                                             It strides through valleys
                                             across the ocean wide
                                             nothing can deter it
                                             on wings it can glide

                                             A beautiful flower in bloom
                                             always willing to share
                                             or creatures of nature
                                             spreading wonders everywhere

                                             With a song upon its lips
                                              beautiful lyrics so grand
                                              follow, it will lead you
                                              clear across the land

                                              Years can not stifle it
                                              nor chains can not bind
                                              love is there for the taking
                                              look and you will find

                                               © Susie Swanson, 2014

I want to wish all of you a Happy Valentine's Day. I'm sorry I haven't been around lately or visited all of your awesome posts. I've had some kind of nasty bug for weeks and it will not turn me lose. It's a viral bug and has to run it's course. I absolutely sweat and burn up one minute and freeze the next or both at the same time. So far it has stayed in my head and not moved to my chest but hopefully all the winter time weather will be gone soon and we'll shout it to the rooftops. This has been a bad winter for everyone in one way or another. For all of you that have been buried in cold and snow, I feel for you and sending prayers. We had a big snow this week.. 7 inches to be exact with more expected tonight. Soon it'll be spring and we'll all feel better and do the Happy Dance and I can hardly wait. Blessings to all, Susie


  1. The poem is beautiful Susie! I hope that you feel better soon.

  2. Oh, yes, Susie, I will definitely be doing the happy dance! We have not had the bitter cold, but I know so many who have. Hope you feel better real soon!

  3. Very beautiful.
    So sorry you have been sick.
    We have had snow but thankfully we had power.
    God bless you.

  4. So sorry to hear you still aren't feeling well, Susie. I hope you feel better soon. Lovely poem. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

    1. Thank you Daisy and Happy Valentine's Day to you.

  5. Susie,
    I'm so sorry you've been sick. These nasty bugs seem to last for such a long time. Your love poem is sweet, and I am sending Valentine wishes your way. I hope this special day of love was good to you.

    Take care, Susie, and please get better. You mean a lot to all of us.


    1. Thank you so much. I feel the same towards all of you. Hugs, xo

  6. Hi Susie. I hope you're feeling better. Our weather has been very wintery this year. One snow after another - and one is falling outside as I type. I enjoyed your poem of love.

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  8. Awe, thank you Janet. It sure has and it seems ya'll have had it worse. I hope it has stopped snowing.

  9. Susie, you sound like you feel really awful! It's no fun when an illness lasts so long!
    I followed the weather reports and wondered if you were in the path of the snow. We got only about an inch, which melted the next day. This week is supposed to warm up to the 60s here, so maybe you'll be getting relief from the cold temps soon. Get well soon!!

    1. Thank you Charlotte. It has been a rough row to hoe for sure. We're suppose to warm up as well . I'm so glad to hear the weather is improving for you also. Hugs.

  10. I think Happy Dance is one of the best descriptions of attitude of gratitude, joy, and pure happiness, I use it often in my personal life:) I sure hope you feel better...thinking happy healing cells to you! Hugs