Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Vietnam Veteran

                                                      I see him standing there
                                                      So very large and tall
                                                      My Vietnam veteran 
                                                      beside the Vietnam wall

                                                      A wall so very large
                                                      With names placed upon
                                                      An astonishing sight to see
                                                      Just trying to be strong

                                                      I slowly shed a tear
                                                      As I gaze upon his face
                                                      And for all the heroes there
                                                      Placed with dignity and grace

                                                      War carried them away
                                                      To that faraway land
                                                      War returned their names
                                                      Only memories left to stand

                                                       Being one of the honorable few
                                                       His tears are shed inside
                                                       For all of his fallen comrades
                                                       That fought so hard and died

                                                       The scars of war's wounds
                                                       He secretly locks away
                                                       And together hand and hand
                                                       We walk another day

                                                        Copyright, 2013 Susie Swanson

Soon to be released in my new Book, "Echoes Of Time". To my husband with love!!


  1. Oh Susie, is this a picture of your husband? My brother-in-law was in Vietnam, and he was one of the only ones with him that returned home. This is certainly a dedicated poem for your husband, and I'm sure he will appreciate it very much.


    1. Thank you Sheri. Yes it's my husband. I'm so sad to hear that your brother in law's comrades did not return but happy that he did. They keep silent but their hearts will never be the same.So many is living with it today.I thank your brother in law for his service to our country.

  2. Such a wonderful tribute, to your husband, and all those who served.

  3. Beautiful tribute Susie!! The poem is wonderful!

  4. Wonderful poem, Susie. This is a lovely tribute to your husband and all others who have served their country.

  5. I love it, Susie! So many suffered so much and with so little gratitude for their sacrifices. God bless them every one!

  6. Susie, The first time I saw the traveling wall in Kokomo, Indiana. I cried, so many names. Then I saw the wall in Washington D.C. , I felt honored to see it. The fellows who return carry the terrible memories. Bless them all. xoxo,Susie

    1. Thank you Susie. It brought tears to my eyes as well. Yes it was an honor for me too.

  7. I've stood before the wall and was completely overwhelmed by all the loss, even though I had no known personal connection to those names listed. I can imagine the amount of emotion having a loved one who served stand before it...hugs to you both!

    1. Thank you Lise. I was overwhelmed with tears but i kept them inside. I can only imagine what he was thinking and the countless others that were there. Ver emotional. Hugs to you, xo

  8. That was such a beautiful tribute to your vet, Susie!!!