Sunday, February 10, 2013


                                                 The steeple stands so proud
                                                 The echoes are still there
                                                 When I listen very close
                                                  I hear singing in the choir

                                                 And preaching was a plenty
                                                 The Sabbath was its day
                                                 That old alter was the key
                                                 Most humbly they did pray

                                                 Those old weathered boards
                                                 Oh what stories to be told
                                                 The congregation was all there
                                                 And the bell chimes were gold

                                                 They came from far and near
                                                 Parked under trees with shade
                                                 In the dirt where they sat
                                                 Many wagon tracks were made

                                                 The mules were so content
                                                 As they grazed on green grass
                                                 Slightly peaking their ears
                                                 When a big Amen was passed

                                                 Plenty of shouting and rejoicing
                                                 Still hangs in every crack
                                                 No memories will ever be lost
                                                 Nor echoes will it lack

                                                 Such a big part of history
                                                 And a grand, old Godly place
                                                 It touched so many hearts
                                                 With beauty, dignity and grace

                                                 That old door is still open
                                                 Just like it was before
                                                 Calling, calling to someone
                                                 Come on in there's still more

                                                 Listen closely to each sermon
                                                 There's many left to hear
                                                "Amazing Grace" still echoes
                                                 Through the wooded path so clear

                                                 Susie Swanson,2013

The picture above is an Abandoned Church in Lincoln County, Wisconsin. Built in 1907.



  1. Beautiful Susie...Something so nice about quieter times and faith. Love the photo of the old church.

    1. Thank you Susie. Oh yes it is and I love writing about it so much.

  2. Powerful imagery as always. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wonderful photo of the old church, and I loved your poem too, Susie. Kind of sad to see the old church empty and abandoned.

  4. Beautiful poem Susie and I love the pic of the church.

  5. You stir up precious memories, Susie. Lovely --

  6. I just love the old churches, Susie. I used to go to a small little church when me and my husband were dating. The poem is lovely today and this picture is heartwarming.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  7. The church picture is a good one. I remember lots of churches from my childhood. We would visit our cousin's church or the new pastor's from next door. My favorite church is where I was baptised, in my hometown. xoxo,Susie

    1. Thanks Susie. I love old churches as well. My favorite is my old church where I went as a child also.

  8. pretty poem recalling memories...GOD<3U

  9. This was wonderful, Susie...I could see it all in my mind so clearly. How I wish things were like that again....

  10. Can I use this poem to analyze it for a poetry project in my English class? I promise not to take credit for the poem, to properly cite it and to make sure my analysis is not published anywhere. thanks!

  11. Yes you sure can and I would be honored.Thank you.