Friday, April 18, 2014

Come Spring

Come spring, there is a lovely picture that I see
I cling to this very hope, my mother waiting for me
It leads me home, I pause and breath a prayer
Thanking God for his great promise she’ll be there

When the roses bloom again and the birds sing
On heaven’s bright shore, oh what joy it will bring
To see her smile and feel her warm embrace
My mama’s been gone to long, I miss her sweet face

With the sunlight shining upon her snow, white hair
Beside her flowers, fragrance drifting in the air
Just to be in her presence will warm all my days
I will cherish each one and give God the praise

To see her well without heartaches and pain
The way I remember her, all else is mundane 
We will walk together down streets of pure gold
So much to say, more than my heart can hold

In a land of silver grasses that sparkle with dew
My mama is waiting patiently for me to come too
She taught me young how to spread each tiny wing
Oh what a joyous reunion, come spring

                                                    © Susie Swanson, 2014

Tomorrow the 19th would've been my mama's 87th Birthday. She's spending it in heaven again this year. I miss her more each passing day but long to see her smiling face. Happy Birthday Mama, I love you!!

Here's wishing all of you a Happy Easter

Monday, April 14, 2014

Old Rugged Cross

                                                       It stood on a hillside
                                                       An old rugged cross
                                                       The emblem of suffering
                                                       For sinners that were lost

                                                       His bloodshed was eminent
                                                       To crucify they were bound
                                                       He wore a crown of thorns
                                                       Destined for heaven's crown

                                                       They mocked and smote him
                                                       They placed thieves by his side
                                                       My God Why Has Thou Forsaken
                                                       He cried before he died

                                                       They wrapped him in linen
                                                       Placed him in a borrowed tomb
                                                       They rolled a great stone
                                                       In the doorway to entomb

                                                       On the third day they came
                                                       At the rising of the sun
                                                       The stone was rolled away
                                                       They could not hold God's son

                                                       On that old rugged cross
                                                       His bloodstains washed away
                                                       All the sins in this world
                                                       He surely lives today

                                                       Thank you Lord for that old cross
                                                       You made the ultimate sacrifice
                                                       Like the thief on the cross
                                                       I'll see you in paradise

                                                       © Susie Swanson, 2014

Many thanks to each one of you for your prayers, emails, and cards. Every prayer has been felt and heard. God is working it out one day at a time. I go to the Specialist this week and that's an answered prayer for sure. My appointment wasn't till the 13th of May and they had a cancellation .
I have my good days and bad ones. Whatever it is sure has me bum fuzzled. Right when I think I've seen it all, something else will pop up. But I keep in mind there's alot more people in worse shapes and God will take care of it. It may not always be in our time but he knows all things and has a plan already in place.
I've missed all of you and your awesome posts but will get around to each one as much as possible. I wish each of you a very Happy Easter and May God Bless !! Susie.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Quick Update


                                             The whole world is seeking one who understands
                                             A million prayers rise upward from the sod
                                             If they would only listen as they speak
                                             Out of the silence they would hear you, Dear God

                                             The sad who seek to find you through their tears
                                             The broken hearts crying out in agony and pain
                                             You've always been there through toil and strife
                                              Faith of a mustard seed is but a tiny grain

                                             Though mountains are high and valleys low
                                             There is splendor above and light over head
                                             You've heard each cry and saw each tear
                                              And every prayer that's been spoken or said

                                             The human heart you placed within the breast
                                              Set there to run untouched from birth to death
                                              Is where faith should dwell and laughter ring
                                              Every day and night as long as there is breath

                                             All the promises you made should stand above
                                             A world of despair and cries should not dismay
                                             You are the rock from which we should stand
                                             Those who seek the highest shall never lose their way

                                             © Susie Swanson, 2014

I want to give ya'll a quick update as some of you are bound to be wondering about me. I've been down quite sick for a while and they've turned me upside down and determined it's some kind of Auto Immunine Disease. I'm waiting to see a Specialist to evaluate me and try to find some answers. It could be Lupus, Fibro etc. They just don't know because all of that is clinical and can't be found in a blood test.

I can't sit up for long periods of time since I get so sick and the tremendous weakness. I know alot of you have sent Emails, posted comments and I'm so sorry I haven't got back to some of you yet or visited your Blogs and read your wonderful posts. You all are very special to me and I wish I had the strength to visit each of you and do what I love to do. But maybe in time they will find what it is and with God's help and if it's his Will I'll be back to my old self and feel more up to it. Many thanks to each one of you for your prayers and I have surely felt them. God has carried me for a while and he will continue to stick by me, regardless of the outcome. I want you all to know I'm thinking of you and praying for you as well. May God Bless all of you and thank you for your patience and understanding. God Bless, Susie

Monday, March 31, 2014

God's Way

                                                            He calms the mighty ocean
                                                            with the whisper of his breath
                                                            heals the sick and afflicted
                                                            restores a lost soul from death

                                                            His eyes are always wide open
                                                            to this world of peril and woe
                                                            he rises to each occasion
                                                            and miracles continue to grow

                                                            He is the road to salvation
                                                            our mighty sword and shield
                                                            the rock of all the ages
                                                            he proved on Calvary's hill

                                                            I'll look to his love in all things
                                                            in the wave of each swaying branch
                                                            in each breath, each step and moment
                                                            I'll pause to my God and give thanks

                                                            So when turbulent waters surround me
                                                            and clear skies turn to gray
                                                            I'll look for sunshine beyond them
                                                            and let God have his own way

                                                            © Susie Swanson, 2014

I want to give ya'll a little update. I'm having some sickness right now that's been going on for quite some time. I'll not go into details but I wanted ya'll to know I've missed your wonderful posts and visiting your blogs. It always makes my day. I will be back soon God's Willing,  and please keep me in your prayers and I'm praying for ya'll as well. Hugs and love, Susie

Monday, March 24, 2014

Barbed Wire And Roses

                                                      The beauty is twined along the fence
                                                      Where roses grow amidst the wire
                                                       Across the green meadow
                                                       In greenbrier

                                                      They appear in spring so luminous
                                                      Kissed by the morning dew
                                                      In sweet insistent wind
                                                      Refreshing and new

                                                      One single red rose among the thorns
                                                      Placed with love and certainty
                                                      A rose of crimson red
                                                      Bright and lovely

                                                      A young girl's heart is mesmerized
                                                      For a thing of beauty so strong
                                                      She stands breathless
                                                      Such beauty strewn

                                                      Across the years and distant shore
                                                      My grandma smiles upon me
                                                      The red roses she placed
                                                      Lives in my heart
                                                      Through eternity

                                                      What shall we leave behind when gone
                                                      For those who follow behind
                                                      Twined in barbed wire
                                                      Roses so divine

                                                      © Susie Swanson, 2014

It's that time of year again . Time to watch for grandma's roses to take a bow. She planted them many years ago clear across the community. Up and down the roadsides, in the fields, tangled in the old barbed wire fences, anywhere and everywhere she could stick a sprout. They've thinned out over the years but there's enough left to find when they are in bloom. I have some in my yard along with lots of the other neighbors. Her Rose Legacy lives on and what a beautiful Legacy it is.  Hope ya'll are enjoying the few and far between spring days. Blessings, Susie.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring's Parade


                                                    The sun arose this morning
                                                    against a clear, blue sky
                                                    The birds sing a new song
                                                    a sign that spring is nigh

                                                    Trees awaken from their sleep
                                                    and long winter's rest
                                                    Tulips raise their little heads
                                                    all fancy, frilly and dressed

                                                    Meadows are green and lush
                                                    sparkling with morning dew
                                                    Daffodils join the parade
                                                    of spring's march brand new

                                                    Dogwoods will soon reign
                                                    in snow covered bloom
                                                    Honeysuckle will cast a spell
                                                    of sweet, fragrant perfume

                                                    A fresh and welcome breeze
                                                    spring is such a thrill
                                                    Winter's last whimsical stroll
                                                     bows down to kneel

                                                    © Susie Swanson, 2014

Yep, tomorrow is the first day of spring on the calender that is. I know everyone feels the same as me, bring it on. This has been one of the roughest winters we've had in many years and it just doesn't want to let up. As my daddy used to say. "It's gonna be a late spring". Hang in there folks it won't be long now, I hope. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Funny Papers

When I was growing up I loved to roam through the neighborhood and visit the neighbors, especially the older folks. Walking by myself down an old road was safe back then. I never had any worries or fret about anything happening. It was a very different time, unlike today. Everybody walked everywhere they went. There wasn’t many vehicles on the roads and the few that we saw were people we’d known all of our life.

 There was this one older lady we called Miss Maude and I loved to visit her every chance I got. She lived by herself and loved to see me coming. She wore her hair up in a little bun in the back and always had on a little apron like both my grandma’s wore.
She always saved me the Funny Papers out of her Sunday newspapers. She subscribed to every newspaper there was and they only put the funny papers in the Sunday editions.
For the ones that don’t know what I’m talkin about, it’s the comic strips. We always called them funny papers.
She found out early on that I loved to read em cause when I’d visit her and we’d sit on her little porch I’d pick up her newspapers that she’d laid down and start reading them. I loved sittin in that little porch swing, swinging back and forth, listening to her talk while she rocked in her rocking chair.
She’d tell me about how it was when she grew up and I could see the sparkle in her eyes when she got in a big way of talkin. I kinda figured it out that she got lonesome and that’s one of the reasons I loved to visit . The other reason was to listen to her tell about her memories. That always intrigued me so much. I loved to listen to the older folks talk about the way it was for them in their childhood and the things that happened way back then. They lived in a very different time and saw so many things. Things that I could only see through their eyes and relive in their heart.

It’d be close to suppertime before I’d leave for home. She’d say, don’t forget your funny papers and I’ll have you some more in a few days if you’ll come on back and see me. I’d tell her that I’d try. I’d head towards home cause mama always told me not to stay so late and be back by suppertime. I’d wear those funny papers out reading them so much.
Then one day she told me to ask my mama if I could help her do some housecleaning chores. That tickled me to death and I asked mama if it’d be alright and she said as long as I wasn’t so late getting in. I never neglected my chores at home. We all knew what needed to be done and we did it without being told.
I’d help her put out her wash and hang them on the line. She’d wash one day out of the week and even then she only had an armful compared to what me and mama had.  I knew all about washing clothes in the wringer washing machine cause I’d helped mama enough. Sometimes I did her dishes, dusting, etc. she’d give me a quarter or fifty cents for helping her. That was big money to a kid back then. It burnt holes in my pockets till I could get to the store.
Then she told me to ask my mama and daddy if one of my brothers could come and mow her yard occasionally. Mama said it’d be alright but she’d only let my oldest brother. He was the only one she trusted to run that push mower of Miss Maude’s. It was the kind of mower that didn’t use gas and ya had to really push. Since her yard was small, flat and not big hills, it didn’t take him long to do it. I’d be doing somethin else in the house for Miss Maude while he was busy mowing. She’d give us a little money and we’d run to get home and show it to mama and daddy. It made us feel so big and proud that we’d earned it on our own. I’d put a little back and save it for Christmas, just waiting for the chance to go to the Dime Store in town.  I knew mama and grandma tried to go just before Christmas each year. I always had in mind to at least get mama and daddy a present since they hardly ever got anything. Of course, they always said if we had food on the table and a place to lay our head we had plenty.

 That would always be in the summer. When school started in the fall we’d try to go in the evenings as much as we could and we’d sit on that little porch and listen to the crickets and katydids and Miss Maude talk about her memories. It’d be dusky dark when we left for home.

I miss those days and all of the older generation that lived around us. I loved visiting with them and listening to what they had to say. It was a goldmine of wisdom and knowledge.

Today the little house is gone, along with so many more. They’ve all been replaced by new ones. But every time I pass by I can see Miss Maude sittin in that rocking chair and me in the porch swing, swinging back and forth. I can still hear her talkin and see her eyes light up when she tells how she walked to that one room school where they said a prayer each morning and the Pledge Of Allegiance and how they got by during the Depression. My daddy had told some of the same but it never got old. It always brought sunshine to my heart and food for my soul.
 Back when times were simple people enjoyed life more, and oh how I miss those funny papers.

© Susie Swanson, 2014

Hope all of you are feeling perky. Spring can't decide if it wants to hang around long here. Up one day, down the next.
I'm sorry I haven't been around lately to visit ya'll. Still fighting with this bug that I've had all winter. I've missed ya'll and will check in when I can. God Bless, Susie